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  1. Thanks for starting this thread. I’m an unmatched candidate this year. Do you mind sharing some details like what you did in the year? Do you think that helped?
  2. I did my serology and my missing shots. I have all in order now except even after a booster of Hep B, I am still not immune. The next shot for Hep B will have to follow in 5 months, and another serology a month after. Will McGill be okay with this? I had taken 3 Hep B shots as a kid but even with the booster now, I am still not showing positive immunity!
  3. Ohh yes I've done that for certain in 2008 abroad but definitely I don't have documentation for that. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I would hate to shed additional light on my ignorance but what is TBT? And by signatures you mean physician confirmation that I have a particular vaccine? Also would I be able to go to any walk-in clinic to do those steps?
  5. I have the same exact issue, except that I don't know for sure that I have taken most vaccinations, I can only suspect so. If I go to a local clinic and request a serology analysis done on me, how long do these steps take? Will they be able to identify everything I'm missing in one workup? I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to vaccinations honestly.
  6. People on the WL are anxiously waiting to get some news and you haven't considered which program you wanna do and would like to have months to figure that out?
  7. omg admitted with condition. What does that mean? Last name being with T.
  8. It's a fun and learning experience definitely. Don't try to evaluate how you actually did, it's way too hard. I was really bummed at the shortage of time though, even when I felt things were going well, I never had enough time to complete the "task."
  9. I'm still nothing. Are all acceptances out?
  10. I still have nothing. I guess rejections are last?
  11. I hope not, cos I'm in the same boat.
  12. So they're doing WL first instead of rejections?
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