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  1. Mine hasn't been updated but I also never received the password for the survey yet, just the same info email twice :/
  2. Did anyone get the e-mail with the password for the IMG Ontario interview acceptance survey? I just got the same information/survey e-mail sent to me twice with no password.
  3. Interview: Yes, March 23rd Sudbury (hoping to switch this date to the 24th since have honours seminar presentation conflict). Time Stamp: 10:09 am (Feb. 6) GPA: applied with 3.18 but expecting to graduate with over 3.4 Context: Lived in Sudbury whole life, going to school at Dalhousie University ECs: Student physician assistant at rural hospital in Northern Ontario (paid with direct patient contact), varsity rowing team, swim team and water polo team, conservation project to Costa Rica, ESL tutor, peer mentor, research project being submitted for publication Age/Non-trad: 22, Combined Ho
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