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  1. I got heartbroken today when I didn't receive an interview at Mac and thus eliminated 10 sites and my top choice from the match. Seeing how many of the FM interviews are out now and I have gotten 3/6 interviews and waiting on 3 more sites. Is this a normal number of interviews for an average FM application? ~50% interview/app ratio
  2. Your right! I had a missed calculation I should have looked at percent achieving score and added it together. So multiple/divide my calculation by 3.
  3. Okay so taking this into account top 4.7% of test takers have 12 or higher right? 94,907 people wrote the test the past summer...places 4461 with a score of 12 or better. If no one was allowed to repeat an application then UWO would interview about 9% of the worlds BS 12, but since some repeat application and have multiple test writes: about 2% of the entire world's BS 12 will be interviewed at one school!!! Harvard average is 36 and uwo min is 32. I wonder what UWO average is ?? Harvard watch out! UWO=Harvard of Canada
  4. Hi I'm curious are people applying in multiple disciplines? And is that why so many places have chosen them for interviews?
  5. Is there going to be a more detailed schedule of the events for o-week posted before hand or are we going to know at the end of august? And do I need a date to attend the formal?
  6. I have a few questions: Do we have to use our real name on the sheet? If yes...what if I legally change my name but can't provide the 'change of name certificate' by July 8? Is it possible to get multiple name tags for my current legal, future legal and nicknames: like "Show Time" or "Magic Swift"
  7. Don't go to Windsor. Take it from me I went there that university is nothing short of a scam. I have talked to profs about this and they have said a lot goes on behind closed doors. The biggest difference I can see is that its easier to get an A and an A+ at Western. 93% is A+ at Windsor and 86% is an A doesn't seem like a big difference but its huge. Like the time I got 91.5% in genetics and ended up with an A, and the other times I got 91 and 92 in German and Spanish history and got As. They were double credits by the btw. They make all the difference. My brother wants to go there, against h
  8. LOL I guess I'm an unofficial 1st year until Aug 27. Nice!
  9. When am I considered a 1st year medical student? On the day of the white coat? When I got the acceptance letter? On 1st day of class? or never:rolleyes:
  10. Does Western send an admissions package to the accepted applicants? So far I have received nothing.
  11. Ladies and Gentleman: Today signifies the last sleep before the final countdown. Some of you will not make it, but you can play musical chairs for the remaining seats. Do not be discouraged. I truly do not know if the sun will rise Wednesday morning but life will go on. For me this is truly the end of a long and painful journey. The last few months have been very difficult for me. This doomsday represents the end of the premed world for all of us and the start of the Golden Age of Medicine or Age of Darkness, the waiting, the mind games, I am not for that. Think positive the end will come.
  12. The same thing happened to me three years str8 but I dropped them instead of taking a low mark to save face. Why didn't you overlord in the 2nd semester of your 2nd year?
  13. May 5-Return to HQ May 6-May 10 Workout my biceps. May 11-12 Chill May 13 7:00pm Prepare last supper before end of the Pre-med world. Any food suggestions? May 13 9:00pm Down a bottle of Wayne Gretzky red wine and break cheese bread before bed. May 14 10:00am Breakfast May 14 10:30am Mayan Tobacco Ritual (Smoke a cigar) May 14 11:00am 11 Minutes of Silence May 14 11:11am Make a final wish...(End of the World) May 14 11:12am Read the verdict and react (Limbo) May 14 11:13am Open a bottle of champagne or vodka depending on the verdict. (Start of the Golden Age or The Age of Darkness )
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