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  1. If anyone has a Toronto Interview Jan 18, 26, 27, 28 and is willing to switch please let me know. Thank you
  2. I'm also looking for a Toronto switch. Am looking for Jan 26-28 or Jan 18 if possible
  3. Anatomical Pathology: Queen's, Manitoba, Western, Dalhousie, UBC, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Memorial, Alberta, McGill Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, Calgary, Sherbrooke, Memorial, Alberta, McMaster, Western, UBC, Queens, Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, Manitoba Cardiac Surgery: Manitoba, UBC, Western, Calgary, Alberta Dermatology: Alberta, Toronto, McMaster Diagnostic Radiology: Ottawa, Memorial, Queen's, Manitoba, Calgary, McGill, Toronto, McMaster, Dalhousie, Saskatchewan, Western Emergency Medicine: Laval, Queen's, Saskatchewan, Calgary Family Medicine: Montreal, Sherbrooke, Laval, Western, Toron
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