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  1. Hey friends, For those looking to trade IM spots, there's a FB group starting up to hopefully make things easier. Join up and add your friends: https://www.facebook.com/groups/137264917179335/
  2. Hi everyone, Looking to trade IM interview slots because I'm currently triple booked. school interviewing at: Calgary specialty: IM current interview date: Jan 21 1530  date would like to switch to: Jan 14 or 18 ANY TIME school interviewing at: Alberta specialty: IM current interview date: Jan 21 0730  date would like to switch to: Jan 14 or 18 ANY TIME school interviewing at: Queens specialty: IM current interview date: Jan 18 1330  date would like to switch to: Jan 17 or Jan 22 ANY TIME
  3. Hey, Providing someone with insight into the perspectives of others who may not agree doesn't equate with being unsupportive. I agree with you...it's necessary to validate concerns. But it's pretty easy to wind up only listening to those who reaffirm your worries...and, in this case, a lot of those will wind up being people who declined their offer to the Mississauga campus and don't have the experiences necessary to provide fully informed perspectives regarding the challenges you'll incur. OP, you're right. Commuting to and from school will wind up having an impact on your emotional a
  4. First, congrats on the NSERC and on the invites! It must be pretty exciting. I love you sunnyy, but I would say take the NSERC anyway. I was in a similar situation last year with another granting agency that wanted my entire summer. I simply negotiated with my supervisor to put in a couple of extra hours some days a week and easily got the month off. I got the more valuable and prestigious award, and I got the time I needed to come out with a good set of deliverables. The experience is important...but so is giving yourself enough time to get the most bang for your buck in terms of lear
  5. I get what you're saying though. It's frustrating knowing you underperformed for reasons out of your control. I was in a similar situation when I was applying. Ultimately, I decided not to write an academic explanation...the effect my underperforming had on my cGPA wasn't egregious to begin with, and I'm always of the opinion not to draw any negative attention to an application. TBH...3.9 is a good spot to be in with Toronto. By no means subpar. If your apps as strong as you feel it is, you'll find your way in here.
  6. Agree with robclem21. BTW, he wants to know who your greatest inspiration is.
  7. Hey, I was in at Penn and waitlisted at WashU in St. Louis. A friend of mine was rejected post-interview at Harvard. Both of us are currently at Toronto. From an academic standpoint, I think I echo a lot of what's been said here. A high GPA and MCAT can go a long way to getting your foot through the door. For example, my friend had a 35, and a 4.0 AMCAS GPA. When I was applying, my AMCAS GPA was 3.96, with a 31. My MCAT was lower than a number of the schools I applied/ got in to. So, one may be able to compensate for the other due to the more holistic approach a lot of the schools take
  8. I think it's also important to note that this cutting thing always happens. Governments always try to deal with high healthcare spending by cutting investments in manpower or hours. It swings back eventually.
  9. I think you make a good point here. I certainly know of people in my program who are either currently unemployed (in nursing) or just getting their first nursing jobs as we speak. Others do find themselves underemployed, precariously employed or working on multiple wards/in multiple institutions to make a living. Cuts have played a big part of this. But a number of factors have as well. The new licensing exam introduced this year has had unprecedented failure rates (well over 30% for graduates of some schools). People typically spend 2-3 months in the summer studying for this thing, and any de
  10. OP, A lot of great stuff has been said already. Please, heed said advice. I'll just try to add onto or reiterate a few nuggets, I encountered along the way. (1) It's possible to do extremely well in nursing school. (2) In order to do well in nursing school, something different is required from you than a typical premed. In addition to acing multiple choice tests and mastering short-answer questions, you've got to be able to write well (subjective essay grading and all), communicate orally (subjective presentation grading and all), and acquire/build on a solid clinical skill-set (o
  11. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to come across so prickly. The "save yourself an eye-roll" comment just floored me a bit.
  12. It's pretty arrogant and pretentious for anyone on here who hasn't sat on an adcom or been intimately involved with the admissions process to comment so brazenly about what is and isn't valued. OP, I'd take whatever you read on here with a grain of salt, that's the first piece of advice I'll give you. Second, is something I learned applying last year: your ABS or sketch is all about how you feel you're best represented. I filled up all slots in my OMSAS app and included stuff that I'd done in high school (including my subject awards). By contrast, two of my colleagues left only filled
  13. Most people aren't aware that the 3.96 is after weighting though. No fear.
  14. Hey, Hard as the cutoffs may be, there's at least one person in our class who fell below the minimum in a section by a point and wound up getting in. If you think you're a strong candidate, you've got the essays written and you've got the money, I'd consider it worth it to apply...especially given that you heard it from the horse's mouth that they wouldn't de facto toss your app. Go for it! P.S. I don't think they wrote an 'extenuating circumstance' essay either.
  15. I'm really glad that people are posting their stats in this thread. The U.S. system can be such a black box and I think even just this basic stuff helps when people are developing their lists of schools or assessing their competitiveness Cycle: 2014-2015 cGPA: 3.95 sGPA: 3.90 aoGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 31 (10/10/11) Applied: Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Yale, UPenn, Hopkins, Stanford, Mount Sinai, Northwestern, NYU, WashU in St. Louis, Howard, SLU, Penn State, New York Medical College, Rosalind Franklin, Jefferson, Tulane, Wayne State, Boston, Einstein Interviewed: NYU, NY
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