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  1. what about for already-enrolled residents going into another year of residency? I think there should be a july disbursement?
  2. Thanks for your replies. It's US med school tuition, so, get ready for it... 360,000. Sweet, I know. Alex
  3. Hi I'm in a bit of a unique situation. I'm a current Ontario resident, and a Canadian permanent resident. I'm also an American citizen, and I went to medical school in the US, with US government loans paying tuition. I'm very, very interested in bringing those loans back to Canada to avoid currency conversion fluctuations in the 10 years I expect it will take me to pay them off. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the major banks will extend lines of credit or professional loans, etc. to someone in my circumstances, to pay off the my US loans. Thanks! Alex
  4. update, just because I'm still furious. I contacted my program admin as advised -- thanks! I contacted ECFMG, the US organization that does the verifying. MCC (physiciansapply) says they can't comment on how long ECFMG takes to turn documents around once received in the US. ECFMG says they can't answer any questions about any part of the application process if the applicant is a candidate for the MCC. When pressed -- "MCC says they cannot answer this question, can you" regarding processing times in the US -- they say "No. You have to contact the MCC." End of story. No one, it seem
  5. It's also awesome how I got to pay $200 or whatever it was for the ECFMG, an American organization operating in the US, to verify my american med degree. They're not even a Canadian company; their principle line of work is verifying foreign medical degrees for work in the US. Thanks for everyone's advice. What a bunch of nonsense.
  6. Hi, I'm just becoming aware of what may be a major problem with my application for the spring 2014 CCFP exam. I'm wondering if others may have had the same experience and if anyone has any advice. I graduated from a US med school. I found out in late December, via an email from physiciansapply, I believe, that applications were open for the spring CCFP exam. I immediately logged in and went through the application process, whereupon I discovered I'd have to submit my diploma from the US med school for verification. OK. I did that, immediately -- it was off to physicians apply in early Janu
  7. Hi, This topic has been addressed before, in part, but I have a couple of specific questions that I haven't been able to find an answer to. I'm a family med resident hoping to do the R3 EM year. I would love to moonlight a bit during this year to bring in some extra money. It sounds like that is possible, that people do it (I'm in Ontario, btw). What I'm not clear on is the following: 1. When you register with the CPSO, I assume it's as an independent practitioner, and as such, you pay the full license/app fees (close to 2000 dollars at last check). Does this same license cover you fo
  8. Hi, I'm planning on applying for the R3 emerg year out of my FM residency, and I'm just wondering how long it typically takes to get a letter of reference in to CaRMS. Specifically, I'm planning on doing an emergency elective in September of next year, which would end on approximately Sept. 23rd. The deadline for getting paperwork into CaRMS is ~4 days later, if I'm to ensure that it will make it in in time for application review to begin. In your experience, those of you who've done the R3 year, how feasible is it to get a reference out of the block immediately prior to the CaRMS appl
  9. Can anyone comment on whether the Canada QBank questions are at all representative of the actual MCCQE1 questions, both in substance and in style? I went into Qbank knowing it was less than great but I'd done UWorld already for the USMLE CK exam. I'm just wondering if I can expect my QE answer choices to be ridiculously vague and/or my question stems to be written in broken English with bad grammar and poor spelling.
  10. Is this a cleverly-disguised troll? To repeat an earlier response, the OP does not have a solid grasp of what FMDs do, nor of their scope of practice... and it should also be pointed out that medical "treatment" is as valid as surgical "treatment" (the "cutting open" referred to 2 posts prior). FMDs do both (i.e. an excisional biopsy cures melanoma; HCTZ, with a bit of imagination, cures hypertension). You can do plenty of surgical assist as an FMD, and if you're really gung-ho, you could probably travel to the middle of nowhere and do a few appys. But, seeing as you appear pretty down on
  11. does anyone know when the confirmed date of the U of T interview will be sent out for Toronto FM? (I got an invite and was asked to select my top three dates, with the promise of a confirmed date sometime in the future.)
  12. Re: Procedures. I don't mean anything terribly fancy. I mean more time for derm biopsies, I&Ds, perhaps resetting fractures if your office is capable of handling same-days and has an x-ray suite, or draining effusions (i.e. lower-acuity stuff that doesn't necessarily have to go to the ED), joint injections, that sort of thing. All stuff FMDs are perfectly capable of, but a lot of which may get referred in a very high-throughput practice. And I don't mean just procedures. I mean more time for that, if that's your thing, but also more time for managing your own sick patients in hospital (fam
  13. You know, I don't usually hop on these boards to comment -- more just to read what others have to say (which has been very helpful over the course of my training, I'd add) -- but I feel like I have to say something here. In my opinion, yes, I agree with Moo, and others, that NPs are now, or will be, with expanded training, capable of performing general primary care as well as FMDs. However, as a previous poster has noted, I see this as an opportunity to focus on those rare diagnoses that Moo points out would normally be referrals, or to perform procedures, or to, generally, do more "broad-spec
  14. There was a thread a little while back that had some data on odds that an applicant would match to their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on choices for FM. I'm just wondering if that's floating around anywhere. I can't find it, and I would sleep a lot easier if I could...
  15. What would people's thoughts be on board scores (the official transcripts, that is)? I know Canada doesn't really care about the USMLE (for obvious reasons), but if I took Steps 1 and 2, should I forward the transcript, or just record the score in the appropriate spot online?
  16. Quick question: I'm working on my CaRMS application, and I notice there are all sorts of extra documents I could send in (undergrad transcripts, abstracts, etc.). I have lots of stuff that could supplement my application; I'm just wondering what actually needs to go. I'm applying to family, btw, and none of the family program descriptions say anything about these documents being required, but then again, neither do any of the urology or pathology programs, and I'd expect they WOULD be required for those. Thoughts?
  17. Thanks, and I should clarify, I'm coming from an American school, so my electives will be charged at the extremely-much-higher international rate. I'm really hoping they're not going to charge me 450 a pop... I don't know if I can stomach that much money for two months of electives when it costs 80 bucks to do the same time in the States. Unfortunately I may have to, since I very badly want to return to Ontario for residency. Anyone with knowledge of the McMaster application process have any thoughts?
  18. Hi, I'm mid-way through my third year, and starting to think about residency. I'm leaning very, very hard towards family med at the moment, and as my wife and I love Guelph... I'm really hoping I can put in a good application for Mac's community-based family med program, in Guelph. My question, specifically, is, does anyone have any experience with how competitive the community-based FM program at Mac is? How likely is someone to get their top placement choice if they are accepted? Thanks, Alex
  19. Hi, I'm starting to set up visiting electives for my fourth year (I'm in a program with a condensed preclinical phase and I start fourth year in March), and I'm confused about a couple of points on the process of scheduling electives with McMaster. Specifically, the application asks me for my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices of elective... now, I'd like to do the full 8 weeks I'm allowed to do, as a visiting student, at Mac, and I'd like to do it in 2-3 different specialties. I'm wondering if I have to submit a separate application for each of those specialties, and if, as I'm really dreading, I
  20. Hi Internist, and thanks for doing this. I've already posted my question elsewhere in this forum, but I figure I might get a better response here. Here goes: With respect to letters of reference, I know CARMS officially discourages applicants from having seen them before they are sent off with applications. However, in every thread I've read on the topic, it seems that people are being advised to submit their best letters of reference- which makes sense, but suggests that most people will look at their letters and decide which to send. That's what I'd prefer to do, but I'm wondering- what impa
  21. Hi, just wondering what you all have done as far as seeing or not seeing your CARMS letters of reference before they're sent off. CARMS officially discourages it, and I can appreciate that a referee who knows you won't be able to check up on them might be more candid in their letter- but if you don't look at the letters you send, it's impossible to tell which best support your application. So I'm at a loss. Any advice?
  22. Hi, I'm not sure which forum to post this in- or if this is even a great site to ask the question on- but I thought I'd put it here. Feel free to re-direct if there's a more appropriate spot for it. I'm a US citizen in the process of obtaining Canadian permanent residency (my wife and I lived here for many, many years before I started med school and citizenship was always the plan), and I plan to return to Canada for residency/practice. I'm trying to get some idea of what this will mean in terms of financial outlook since my loan burden is rather high (thanks to a US medical educatio
  23. I want to rephrase my earlier question- I asked how you all knew what your U of T converted average is. I found the conversion with a quick search. My revised question is, does U of T ever confirm that your converted average is actually what you think it is? Or are you all just reporting what you think your converted averages are? I'm asking because I took a full courseload one summer during my undergrad so I could take the fall semester off. I also took one .25 credit course over the summer just before beginning my masters. I'm wondering if U of T is picky enough to use those criteria to
  24. Re: U of T's GPA conversion- how did you guys figure out what yours was? Did U of T let you know? Or is there a table somewhere where I can convert mine? Thanks. And still waiting on that interview (rejection)...
  25. Incidently, I have a trifecta of interview invite complicating characteristics- I'm an international applicant (do we interview earlier?), I'm a grad student (do we interview later?), and I live in Toronto (don't we interview first?). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait longer than most to figure out I don't have an interview...
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