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  1. I received an interview from the Family Medicine Program at Edmonton through the CARMs website. No e-mail as of yet or any communication from their program.
  2. Just wanted to thank everyone in this thread for pushing me to re-write my MCAT. With the score that I achieved, I was able to receive acceptances at UofT and McMaster! Cannot believe how much my life has changed in a mere 10 months.. My sincerest thanks to all of you
  3. Result: Accepted to St. George (Ranked first) Time Stamp: 9:15 am wGPA: 3.96 cGPA: 3.91 MCAT: 520 (132/129/129/130) Interview Date: April 10th (same day as Mac) ECs: Founded two non-profit organizations, worked in boston in Nanoparticle research (two pubs), Essays: Went great, tried to put as much personal experience as I could into them (also placed a large emphasis on CANMED roles in each essay). Edited 10+ times before sending it in. Interview: Had my interview the same day as Mac, but I felt pretty great coming out of each room. I may have slipped up one or two times on the intr
  4. I hope everyone got the news they wanted today! this community was my rock when times were the worst. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  5. Very interested, PM me for my skype name. Prepping for April 10th as well.
  6. TIME STAMP: Phone Call Result: Rejected cGPA: 3.91 2yGPA: 3.94 MCAT: 520 (132/129/129/130) ECs: Average with a year research at Harvard Medical School, 4 years tutoring, and forming two non profit organizations. Year: 4yr BSc. Complete (gap year)
  7. I wanna believe there's still a chance for me, but I haven't seen a single invite timestamped after 3:45 EST. Why do I have a feeling only rejections are being handed out now?
  8. I have a feeling the computer is just rattling off the rejection emails a few at a time. It would make sense for the interviews to go out first/quicker since there are less interviews than total applicants.
  9. Haven't received one yet... Starting to get really anxious. (fully expecting a rejection at this point)
  10. Time stamp: 11:44 am Invite: Yes GPA: 3.89 Verbal: 129 Casper; Horrible, didn't think i'd receive an invite. Ran out of time and very weak answers compared to practice.
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