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  1. Time Stamp: 9:29 Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: regrets GPA: 3.9 second degree ecs: varied, nothing longer than 3/4 years Context: on the weak side, 7 year in nwo Interview: first time applying- I was shocked to receive an interview in the first place (I am sure it was shocking to many the first time). I thought it went ok, in a couple of stations I was defiantly nervous. And I know a couple I really aced. Overall, it was not strong enough to compensate for the context and ecs perhaps. For future applicants, my advice is to prepare - nothing crazy because I think it's easy to tell when o
  2. I imagine in these very moments letters with our names are fainalized... maybe even drafts are made...all in preparation to be sent tomorrow bright and early... Excited, scared, excited... Good luck to all
  3. Up until tonight I was still doing school work.. but it is all done now and so I can focus my mental energy on other things... such as obsessing about the results! Haven't had any dreams yet, but will update. Also can't believe emails come out in less then two weeks.
  4. I agree, it seems like the wait is going by faster now- the first week was brutal... Lately I have been feeling petty optimistic, believing in the answers I gave and really imagining myself getting the acceptance email. I have of course thought of where I would be on may 9 and who I would be with (grandpa) H
  5. Wanted to wish good luck to everybody in Sudbury this weekend!! It was a very special day for me and I hope it will be for you as well! H.
  6. I am happy that this stage is done, however realizing that you cannot do anything else from now on to improve your chances is a hard to accept. trying to not go over every answer in my head, thinking that overall it went ok (who knows). I was very humbled to be around all the other interviewees, everybody I interacted with seemed to be very worthy of being there. hard to judge how I was scored...what to think really H.
  7. Thank you letting me know I am not alone In the info session they said that references have a few week or so grace. so I wouldnt worry about it to much. the reason I mentioned it was because although my tracking info says it has been delivered...it didnt show on OMSAS. so i am thinking that if OMSAS have a lot of paper to scan in it might take longer. Perhaps if the oop transcripts also need to be scanned, they might not be scanned right away.
  8. I dont know if I will give up. I do have a back up plan...however some people go various lengths to become a doctor. Some go as far as the Caribbean. I want to live in the north and will never go to the Caribbean considering the distance, the money, the length of program and the small chance of coming back/practicing here. Doing extra years to bump up my undergraduate GPA is a small sacrifice compared to that.
  9. Hello, Long time coming, but finally I will be submitting an application... Trad/Non-Trad: mid 20s (non-traditional) Degrees: entering final year of second UG (HBSc) GPA: 1st UG: 2.5 2nd UG: 3.92 (that is based on 1 year only, still one more year to go) Context: Born in a different continent, 5 years in a very small semi-rural settlement abroad. 7 years in NWO (graduated high school in NWO) Volunteer/ ECs /Employment: executive on a few student organizations, research, some work, volunteering some long term some short. overall: average I truly dont know what I will do once both
  10. Yes, I am in the same boat..finishing this upcoming year a HBSc so hopefully there will be a chance. How do I balance 4 years of bad grades from my first undergrad? I dont know...
  11. Well, I guess a second degree will only be put to the test this up coming cycle... "NEW : This is the new method of GPA calculation that NOSM has adopted. The minimum required GPA is 3.0 on the 4.0 scale. Grades will be converted to a 4.0 scale according to the OMSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion Table. The GPA is calculated on all converted undergraduate course grades completed at a recognized institution as of October 1, 2016. Grades for supplementary, spring, summer, and part‑time study and distance education courses will be included in the GPA calculation. Courses reflecte
  12. Hey there, I am looking for MCAT study partner that is writing on August 22/21 or in September. I dont have a science background but I am getting the hang of things. I am really good at being quiet and talking only when we have questions or want to test each other. I am good to study anywhere... at coffee shops, school library... Moral support would be nice! private message me if you are looking for one as well Thank you
  13. I am in the same boat, mine is on August 22/21 (one of the two). I know I wont be ready...havent been able to master any of the topic yet. havent even looked in to physics... but i still want to write it, I want to push myself to study these subjects because I dont have a science background....I have only done cell biology/human biology and some chem at school but thats it. I want to push and study what I can and then try again next year...at least I will have the experience and I will be reviewing the material
  14. I dont know how unique it is to apply with an Arts degree, these days people apply with various disciplines since there are no prerequisites/required degrees. schools are moving away from required courses and more so towards academically well rounded students. having a couple of elective from different subject areas shows that you can tackle anything that comes your way which is important for the challenging road a head (which you have done because you have some bio). I wouldnt take any courses in the summer (i dont know how admissions will like that). many take the summer before to relax
  15. @MD2015 Yes, there are strategies in place....some also do their job better than others. short comings and "dont waste my time, in my day nobody did this ....." happen a lot
  16. I must add a comment about a huge advantage large universities and large classes have. Large universities (which usually have large amount of students per section/class) have more regulations and protection mechanisms in place. When there are many students contentiously complaining/asking for remarks/arguing about aspects of the course - departments tend to put strict deadlines, and regulations that protect the students ensuring they will receive the same treatments/material/fair marking every semester. Small universities which tend to have smaller class sizes might have a professor that decid
  17. I havent heard anything eigher, but I also have a pretty low GPA up until the fall semester of this academic year and the most horrible 3rd year (I am in 4th)...so I will be waiting for a long time until they can see my grades form winter semester
  18. a few things what do you mean you are sitting at 65%. How much of your course total grade % have you done? 10% 30%? if you have done a midterm worth 20% you lost 7% of your total grade. Potentially can have a highest grade of 93%....in that case do the math and think hard about your ability to at least have an 85 in the course by the end remember it better to have 85 across the board than A+ and one 65 you will lose your "full course load" for the year status if you drop..... so do the math and see how you can compensate
  19. Thank you Beef for the replay, I should have worded my question differently I meant nursing compared to other science degrees while doing the undergrad degree. I have one friend in biology he said that nursing compared to bio is a lot easier, i am looking for other points of view or advice. anything would help
  20. Hey everybody! if there was a recent topic about this I apologize! I wanted to know if there are any nurses here that have been accepted to NOSM? How was your experience in the program (accelerated or not)? How would you compare yourself to friends who took science degree paths to medicine? How was your application/interview process? As for myself, I am starting to think about my 2nd degree Thanks
  21. I am taking princeton review LiveOnline course. and it does help me in these ways: *It gives a lot of practice and different practice: on paper, drills, tests, all AACM tests, + different kinds of tests-(amplifire- google it). it really endless how much you are given. The drills and tests offer the same MCAT functions: cross out, highlight, mark, review, exhibit. *it forces you to attended and listen at least 2.5 hours 4 nights a week. do passages together and discuss. *the instructors point out what is "mcat true" rather than what you learned in an advanced science course, because
  22. give advice to us aspiring premeds (fingers crossed everything goes well/better for another 2-3 years)
  23. Iam sure you do. I will get to the bottom of each school, just have to look deep enough. why what happened to you that you would know, they didnt accept you for it?
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