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  1. ^^ Any idea what residents have done in the past to distinguish themselves in a saturated market? And what commitments will need to be fulfilled in the future for a staff position?
  2. Hello, R1 coming into town. Interested in checking out a place (preferably within walking distance of the General) in Ottawa starting late June onwards. Please message if you'd know of a place. - Cheers
  3. Thanks for the RFD link supafield. I was told several folks live within walking distance of the hospital to save time/ parking fees and general convenience. That was frankly my only parameter. But I'm quite flexible and the detached idea looks interesting (if affordable).
  4. Gentlemen (ladies?), my thanks for the quality of this conversation. I enjoy banter as much as the next fellow. Elmo, big congrats on your investments. To be quite honest, I assume you have a knack for "deals" and buying/selling multiple homes without a broker means you've garnered experience and confidence that would definitely put you several standard deviations above the average intern. I'd be happy to read a thorough guide on real estate from a resident perspective. Lets take a smaller market, Ottawa rather than Vancouver/Toronto. I neither have the means nor the inheritance to mak
  5. I seem to have missed discussion on the Globe and Mail article linked below: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/personal-finance/retirement-rrsps/medical-resident-should-pay-debt/article15964775/ Any thoughts from guys and gals higher up on the food chain? Where does an R1 begin? I'd thought about buying a condo right now but the article makes it seem like debt reduction is the way to go. I had one quip: Brian's monthly bills seem shockingly low...a true master of financial discipline. Perhaps you're on this forum and would like to comment. - Cheers
  6. Today was indeed the day. Hope everyone matched what/where they aimed for. Stay upbeat and fight hard for next year, if you haven't!
  7. Definitely sketchy. Good luck to everyone, regardless.
  8. All the best to everyone involved. The thread below mentions IM invites for BC out, rxpg seems to have a larger volume of updates so other interview posts should pop up soon enough. http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt252146.html
  9. The second iteration is after both ERAS's main match and it's SOAP. So while you wont be withdrawn from ERAS for merely applying, you will be withdraw from CaRMS 2nd iteration if you match in either ERAS or SOAP. Roughly, the timeline for the two matches is: 1st iteration --> ERAS (main match) --> SOAP (ERAS round 2) --> 2nd iteration - Cheers
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