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  1. The class is full and everything is finalized. The only movement I could imagine is if someone who has registered drops out for an unexpected reason.
  2. Hi, unfortunately if you are applying to the English stream, you will have no chance since min required undergrad wGPA hovers around 3.85
  3. Your last 2 or 3 years of full-time study where you took at least 4 course/semester are used for their weighted formula.
  4. @Donald_Duck do you have a photo of it? Sounds like it will be more generic-looking and won't have the cult-like characteristic that folks find solace in
  5. I wanted to rent at Faircrest but I was deterred by the bad reviews online especially regarding pest/bed bugs. It is difficult to gauge how honest/bias those reviews are tho.. I am sure plenty of people found no problem living there or else the place would be empty.
  6. For people who mentioned bursaries, are you talking about the grant portion of OSAP or Ottawa-specific bursaries? Because if I remember correctly, you can work up to certain # of hours/week without it affecting your OSAP funding (At least that is how it was in undergrad).
  7. It does. So that might be why and also the location of the course.
  8. Wondering what the price variation is for? Mine is $80 for the same 3-4 hours course.
  9. Your application is a lot more than your GPA. But on GPA factor alone, you are in a good shape for every school in Ontario including Ottawa. No need for the 5th year IMO
  10. Maybe I should clarify. My comments had no bearing on how capable he/she is as a person. It is absolutely possible (and very likely) that on a different day or with a different panel, he or she would have got in directly. The subjectivity/luck factor on who should or should not be a doctor is prominent in these interviews. But I still believe looking at it from an opportunity point of view is the most pragmatic way of handling a rejection/bad wl, etc.
  11. Just my personal opinion...but I think it would be best to feel neither very hopeful nor hopeless. Rather, you should be very determined to systematically and realistically self-appraise and find ways to improve yourself. See this as a great opportunity rather than a great predicament. Think about it, if you work hard to improve yourself and get in next year, not only it will be an amazing feat, but you will undoubtedly be a stronger, more resilient, and more mature individual. Then when the medical school starts, you will be in a better shape to deal with failures and the improvements you ma
  12. The problem with bad waitlist is that you don't know if you are just below the boundary of good-bad wl or all the way at the bottom of wl. I think if you are closer to the former, and this year movement is significantly higher than anticipated, then theoretically you might have a chance. Realistically though, I would not rely on it. GL
  13. 2:09pm EST Result: Waitlisted Geography: OOP Just posting to mention I will most likely remove myself from WL in favor of another school. The movement for OOP is significant and hope this helps a well-deserving candidate.
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