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  1. Poster above is right, I think. If you take Organic chem 6 times, it counts as 6 courses. I did quite a few courses through TRU and Ath. I agree that Athabasca is better run, but TRU is cheaper for BC residents. A and P was easy and more or less applicable to med school, as was medical terminology. I mostly did Psych courses at TRU other than that. Some were alright but I think it depends a lot on the tutor, to be honest. The 100-level Psych were pretty decent but a bit of a slog. I did learn some useful things though.
  2. SMPer here. I interviewed at Calgary and was ultimately rejected, but really had my heart set on it. Of course I'm pleased as anything to be here in Kelowna, but I would have taken UofC if I'd gotten it, purely for the three year program. Please feel free to message me, especially if you are SMP.
  3. It sounds like you want to use the OL course to drop a poor grade from another course. That will usually not be the case. Most Canadian med schools will count every course you;ve ever done (there are some exceptions of course). It's not like the US where you can retake a course to bump your grade- unless things have changed. Some schools will NOT count OL courses. Saskatchewan, for example. I'm not sure about other schools. You really need to look at every school you are considering and ask how they will look at it. I did a few course overloads and it's tough, but doable if you are rea
  4. I knew someone who needed to defer once they were accepted.They were accepted to 2 schools and applied for a deferral at both. One school granted it and another school did not. For deferrals, as others said, they will do a case-by-case basis and each school will make their own choice. BUT I think it was made clear to this person that they would only have ONE year.
  5. The first week of 2015 for M1s almost all the lectures are coming from SMP and will be videoconferenced to elsewhere.
  6. Hm... yeah I would say having a general idea of current events, your own strengths and weaknesses, and social issues is a better background than actual healthcare. Reading about current social issues (eg. determinants of health) and then talking about them with others might be really useful. One other thing I did (this is going to sound really corny)... I took the question "if you could change one thing about the healthcare system, what would it be?" and I made an actual powerpoint presentation that was 8 min long. I presented it to my partner and his kids (teenagers) and they rolled their
  7. It is expected that you will be good at clinical skills, but if there are 8 people in a VFMP group, and 4 in an SMP group, and there are 8 pt histories to be taken, then you get to do it 2x. You learn from watching others, but not as much, IMO as doing it yourself. With referring to clinics I actually mean clinic visits in M1. We get 14 or something like that. VFMP gets 6 or so. This is what I hear at this point. Therefore, I'm more likely to do a bunch of PAPs in M1 for example, because I'll be in clnics more. In the end though, you get what you put into it of course. And everyone will be
  8. Other students, please feel free to add to this. This is not intended to be an exhaustive guide, just something I'm banging out quickly. -There is no "right" way to prep for MMIs! I was off living in the boonies so I had to do all my prep over skype. I prepped every night for a few weeks (2-3 questions per night with my partner) but other students in my class did NOTHING and got in. One said she did one practice question while driving to the interview. -Doing Right (the book) is great, and can help you learn how to look at several sides of a situation, a skill that can be useful
  9. PBL is the same size at every site AFAIK. It's just going over a case/problem and so a smaller group would not be beneficial. They won't even have it in the same form next year from what I understand. Clinical skills is different. History/physicals. A smaller group with more attention from your tutor is HUGELY beneficial in this case. Also, we at distributed sites will get much more hands-on and smaller group learning in clinics, and more clinic visits. Vancouver is trying to make it better for their students by starting the ALC program. Note that I'm NOT at my distributed site
  10. Hm. I admit I haven't read the papers you refer to but physicians per capita doesn't necessarily tell the whole story if the general public demands more time from each doctor. If a woman was pregnant 20 years ago she wouldn't have had as many doctor's visits, ultrasound appointments, screening tests as she does today. Hours worked per doctor does mean something though.
  11. Watch out for deadlines to get the course done by, and scheduling your final exam for the course. Also note that it can take a few days (or weeks) to get the exam marked and therefore be awarded a final grade for the course.
  12. Not quite the same situation but I was accepted to UBC MD with having this on my record. It was about 15 years ago that I was asked to withdraw. There was no "check box" or anything but they definitely saw it and still deemed me admissable. This might be a good question to call the admissions office and ask.
  13. I think this all stems back to something I said so I'm sorry for any confusion. I'm trying to find out the truth by emailing the professor who told this info to me. Again, so sorry. I too want to help. I did help a few students prep before I got in and they also told me they were not allowed to help me once they were accepted.
  14. So well put. Live your live, do things you love. I definitely chose to do certain things because they would help me, but I still knew I would love them. quote darthvader: I have to say this forum has helped a lot, and I am reeling...this is my 4th application cycle and I was almost giving up hope...persistence my friends! PERSISTENCE!! now excuse me while i prep like a mad man. /qoute Team persistence! As I said before, there are a number of people in the class of 2018 who applied 5-7x (maybe more although I suspect I hold the record). There's at least one who INTERVIEWED 5x in
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