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  1. I know someone who maxed out. This was the procedure he underwent: booked appt w his bank ---> got an increase. So it's good to let out anxiety and everything on here, but I would also just book an appt with a bank. if they say no, then go to another bank.
  2. General eloquence? Ability to formulate an argument and think critically and put it down in writing? Writing still is a used form of communication.
  3. We are currently practicing our history taking and I am at a loss on how to establish efficient rapport with patients who don't say much. What are some strategies you use in those cases?
  4. Cultural hedgemony of the West meets medical practice huh. Someone should really write an article on that.
  5. Slightly off topic but I love the spelling mistake with a Freudian slip in it. Schmitty did you have to close a CC with RBC? I have a CC with a ridiculous limit (larger than your 3 combined) and my advisor never even gave a peep. I think we may even have the same advisor as we work through the same branch.
  6. It's explicable: Europe is the colonizer of this fair continent. Of course it makes sense they are somehow held in a higher light. Western medicine originated there.
  7. Amazing, beautiful and thanks for this link!!
  8. I've been thinking about serendipity a lot. My summer has just been packed with it so that everything just seems to fall into place.
  9. My stats were only a bit better and I was out of province, so I definitely would.
  10. That's the perfect profile of the two banks. About the interest rate, the banks will work very very hard to keep the interest rate low for physicians. In 2007 they hiked the interest rate up for everyone except doctors to keep their business. My banker told me interest rate is at prime forever.
  11. I went to that branch and that bank and got everything processed and approved the same day, with funds released in 48 hours of approval. Full amount/their maximum, no other credit cards to close (Scotiabank wanted me to close other credit cards). The banker even sent a representative to my location as I was a bit far away. But I think that was an exception. If you want my banker's name PM me
  12. If you are aiming for a Canadian school, I'd personally only write the MCAT if I was scoring 10 in each section in at least two practice exams.
  13. what was your diagnostics PS score?
  14. Everyone seems to forget a lot of schools require you to place 300K up front into an escrow account. There has to be an additional source of funding outside the LoC and government loans to make that kind of upfront payment.
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