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  1. Those were pretty much my stats when I got in, so I'd say pretty good
  2. For those wondering, 'LittleCatSteps' is not little, nor does he step like a cat.
  3. From what I heard it's been discussed in dent. Nothing concrete yet.
  4. according to the pinned post by 'cleanup' in the dent discussions, I'm allowed to post here (delete if that's not the case)! Hey guys, If you're from Calgary or Edmonton, and are prepping for the DAT, consider taking Rock the DAT to help your preparations! 65% of our class (2019s) took Rock the DAT, so it's definitely worth a look if you're applying to the UofA! Quick TL;DR: DAT Prep course put on by UofA dental students. Full weekend - 16 total hours over two 8-hour days, including a full length mock DAT Cost is $400 Soaps will be provided 1on1 carving instructions and feedback
  5. You're not alone lol. IQ also worked well for me, but again I got them super cheap off Kijiji. I thought the difficulty level was adequate, or maybe I just wrote a relatively easy cDAT lol.
  6. IQ publications is crap? I used that, crack dat pat, and Barron's for the PAT and they worked fine. I mean I could spot the mistakes but I thought they were decent resources. Barron's even had sections where you did these exercises related to the PAT (like drawing 3 perspectives of an object) that helped. And I bought the cheapest option of crack dat pat (the one with 4-5 pat tests) and it was fine too. I guess just use a couple different resources so you have enough questions to do. Practice the hell out of it and you should be good to go.
  7. yeah you redo that application. You can use the same @ualberta email address, so you won't have to create a whole new beartracks account when you apply. As for transcripts, if you're not doing any course work this year then yeah I think just before Nov 15 is good. But I do believe they ask for 2 copies of transcripts. Anyway, do you go to an ApplyAlberta school by any chance? (UofA, UofC, etc?) If so I thought transcripts got automatically sent to the UofA.
  8. Hey guys, congrats again! From what i've heard, waitlist is about 6 people (IP). Not sure about out of province. Also a quick note - if you joined the 2020 fb page and later declined your offer, please leave the group. Don't want one of these people hanging around...
  9. Congrats folks! Fb group for the 2020s https://www.facebook.com/groups/1741971959414368/ If you guys joined the group but declined the offer, make sure you leave the group.
  10. I think they'll drop the lowest year as long as (1) it's not your most recent year, or (2) it's not the only year where you did 30 credits. See you on the court youngblood.
  11. Rejections go out, or at least in the past have gone out during the first week of July.
  12. http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/90364-uofa-2020-acceptancewlrejected-thread/
  13. Maybe its different for OOP, but I didn't have to hand in any of that.
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