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  1. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/failed-bid-for-med-school-no-basis-for-suit-judge-264347141.html My lawyer friend sent me this link earlier this morning. Apparently this girl took pre-med courses at U of M and did "well" on the MCAT, but didn't get into medical school (U of M). Her father is a lawyer and he argued that it went against UN declarations/Canadian charter of rights to discriminate against her personal opinions (or what opinions she ended up voicing during the interview). Apparently he also argued against the interview process as well; that admissions should be based on m
  2. Did everyone have to pay that fee? (I didn't sign up, but I saw that it had us pay ~10$)
  3. U of T "deflation" in the Life Sciences occurs in your first 2 years. I've had professors purposely make question(s) ambiguous so that they could see how many students used each answer and alter it to maintain a class average. (ie. "Pick the best answer" where answers were 0.111,1.11,11.1,111, none of the above and the real answer was 11.5). Or remove a question that a lot of people got right just to lower the average. If you were like I was, I didn't know how to study/take multiple choice tests until 3rd year - it showed on my transcript. Once you get into 3rd year it gets marginally bet
  4. So does it really make a difference what city they are in? I would think it's better to be in the same city of my schooling (Kingston) as it will be easier to contact them in case of emergencies and whatnot.
  5. Quick question, would I go to a bank for a LOC in my current home city? Or would I be better off going to the bank in the city I will be at school?
  6. How long did it take to get that confirmation email from OMSAS for them processing your SAM?
  7. TIME STAMP: 3:10 (Today) Result: Acceptance Program: MD wGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 32 ECs: Martial arts, swimming, weightlifting, intramurals, leadership, volunteering, working, etc Interview: Panel felt good, MMI I felt great about half, the others were a toss up Year: Finished my 5th year, graduating in June (1st application cycle) Geography: IP Edit: I was losing my mind checking pm101 and my email all day. I decided to take a break from that and focus on doing some O-chem review for my MCAT. Once I finished I figured I would check my email again and I saw the email! Amazing. Thank you to
  8. Back doing BJJ again, and it's as amazing as I remembered it being. The people are great, too. Focusing on it in the evenings is really helping me not think about waitlist stuff - I end up tired enough to shower and sleep right when I get home.
  9. I saw the same thing too. Maybe only a few people declined their offers so far? The deadline is the 27th, so people may be waiting until the last few days to officially decline/accept other offers. Or the students emailed could be very high on the waitlist and Queens could be trying and get them "first" before other school waitlists move? From what I hear about Queens and what I have experienced (ie. rejection, then interview invite/early status change on SOLUS), things like this happening isn't that out of the ordinary. Someone else would have to comment on previous cycles. Either way,
  10. I'm curious as to why some Ontario Schools (U of T, Queens, Western, etc) stopped providing data as to how many people reject offers in the AFMC report? Is this to discourage candidates from gauging waitlist movement at other schools and declining admission at a school?
  11. Go to Dal. (I'm on the Queens waitlist, so ignore my opinion - hopefully someone else more informed can answer this)
  12. So if we haven't received an email it's a waitlist/rejection?
  13. Yep. I am trying to move forward with my back up plans and treat this as if it were an outright rejection, but it's tough to ignore the voice in the back of my head speculating "what if?"
  14. Queens waitlist used to move quickly based on the information provided using data up until 2008/2009. However, things have changed and times have changed, applicant # has increased and things have gotten more competitive. I was looking through the waitlist thread from last cycle, and based only on PM101 data ~20 people got an invitation off of the waitlist. We could assume that PM101 people represent 1/3rd of the people who moved and guess that 60 spots move. On the other hand, you could guess that the PM101 sample is biased since most people who visit might have been more prepared and ar
  15. Waitlisted, May 13, IP Finished my 5th year GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 32 (10BS, 10VR, 12PS) ECs: Very diverse Disappointed, but it was my first ever med interview. Didn't feel too good about the MMI, but felt great about the panel.
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