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  1. Curious, how many of you aren't just volunteering to build your resume? Who actually genuinely cares??
  2. You can lift heavy and eat right and look like a bodybuilder.
  3. Where do you workout?
  4. If you're going into medicine, you are going into it for other people. You will have to sacrifice your wife, children..your time for this career. It is not a glorious career by any means however if you enjoy giving back to society in a healthcare scenario, go for it. But don't think its a glorious career because if you go into Medicine with your head in the clouds..you will get a reality check really fast.
  5. GC Get a colonoscopy or give an old lady a D and C.
  6. Are you premed? The lowest salary you will achieve as a full time doctor is 160k take home
  7. None of those are linked to $$$ except maybe law in which you are going to make more in medicine anyways.
  8. I am an aesthetic powerlifter. F*** your preconceived ideas, SIRE.
  9. Ouuu twist of words, you silly goose. I am implying that people pursue medicine for the salaries, everything else is just an incentive to trick themselves in believing the career choice is altruistically made.
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