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  1. School interviewing at: Western Specialty: OB/gyn Current interview date: Feb 5 Date would like to switch to: Feb 4 Any additional notes: conflicts with McGill! Would really like to switch, thank you
  2. If you want to know more about internal med residency - check out the Youtube Channel ViolinMD ... she is a PGY1 internal at mcmaster. Just thought Id share since I find the videos useful to get a good understanding about what residency is like in internal and her energy is awesome so its fun to watch.
  3. Ok great, so you don't think it would be looked down upon for residency apps if you have MSc from a different field for which you're applying too? I guess the obvious question might be why did you change your mind or something along those lines?
  4. what about if you have a MSc (from before you entered med) in an area that is unrelated to the specialty you want to do?
  5. it looks nice but red would have been awesome. plus last year had such a similar colour..
  6. had a 3.91.. so you definitely do not need to hit the average per se
  7. its 8% if you only consider 2017 graduates and not the previous years as well. regardless pretty rough year for Mac, although the 2016 unmatch rate was 2% i believe for 2016 grads, so it fluctuates year to year and not something to worry too much over.
  8. So I'll be attending mac med this upcoming year (c2020 yay), and know they offer international electives.. i am really interested in doing this but was wondering how they affect your overall use of elective time. For instance, wouldn't it be a "waste" since you cant really obtain any references or make connections for residency apps? Just wanted to hear some thoughts about doing international electives in med school, if anyone has done them and if they found them to be a good experience or more of a waste of elective time? Thanks in advance!
  9. awesomeeee.. just curious is it maroon or bright red (following the highlighter trend from recent years)?
  10. I just had to make this decision two weeks ago- feel free to PM me as well. Chose Mac, but I really do think you'll have a great education at whichever school you decide on.
  11. The email said may 22 but solus says 23rd, so yupp 23rd most likely
  12. Just declined, but hoping it goes to one of you worthy people! It was such a hard decision since Queens was amazing when I interviewed there. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  13. Mind sharing what school the other offer is from? The queens med deadline to accept is May 22 (tmw) and not the 23rd, just in case your other offer is from queens!
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