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  1. And they come separately from each school right (i.e. it's sent through specific schools, not through OMSAS or anything).
  2. It accounts for 10% of your score for UOttawa, right? It's a different experience overtime IMisLove?
  3. Anybody feel like within a given scenario, they: typed 6-7 sentences for the 1st question, 4 for the 2nd, and ONE SENTENCE FOR THE LAST (the 3rd) PROMPT? #eek.
  4. Ive seen this addressed in ethics books! But I can't remember where now so I can't access it in time Are yo sure there isn't some advice re: this case (20 yr old with addition vs 60 year old) I would've thought they might ask how you'd ethically approach this?
  5. Does anyone know much about how to approach a situation of having to choose between 2 patients, when there is just one organ donation? Ex. one patient is young but has an addiction problem (but vows to get clean if he/she got the organ) Ex. the other is much older or for another reason can only live for x years (shorter than the 1st patient would), thus you're getting less of a return in terms of years. Which would you choose?
  6. My bad for misunderstanding but you've gotten this feedback from this year's app already? Also, so your VR score of 10 gave you: 101.9 marks out of the 100, for U of Calgary? or..? haha apologies.
  7. Wait your VR of 10 (out of 15) was given a U of C score of just 50 out of 100?
  8. I also did poorly . I got a report but the report doesn't really address any of your answers specifically. Not sure what or where I need to improve most.
  9. I'm so sorry, what does 2 question scenario/prompts vs the 3 question prompts mean? And if we're talking about casper, why did one person talk about last year's stations?
  10. Yes true. How helpful is it to have a score above 127 as an IP? My understanding of what it said in the applicant manual was... you'd get a score of 100 out of 100 if your CARS score was the 'average' score...? Or something to that effect. But not sure how they'd do that differently, if IP and OOP applicants are evaluated differently when it comes to CARS scores.
  11. ^ interesting - how do they check that? Would they look very closely at things like that? Do you think the above is the case? I was under the impression (from what I've read/heard here) that if you can't find a suitable ref, that you could put yourself down - if for ex. you did it a long time ago and everyone who was there with you has left, or some similar situation of the sort...
  12. This confuses me I thought a 128 would be the old 11ish. I don't understand the above reasoning #crying
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