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  1. You'll be fine, stop stressing yourself out. If you got accepted, they clearly saw that you are capable of completing the program. Yes there are always students that may fall through the cracks, but if you give it your all you have nothing to worry about. There will be hard, long days but its worth it at the end, so keep grinding one exam/assignment/semester at a time. Enjoy your summer before Dental School. For study tips, everyone finds their own ways, there are a lot of youtubers that have tons of videos over their 4 years of dental school. From how they study, to how each year is li
  2. If you really want CE credits, there are tons of online courses that'll get you that, CE should be for the experience. Its worth paying for the high end CE, as you have time right now, time later will be much much higher in opportunity cost.
  3. The clinical exam in the states expires, the iNBDE or part1/2 wont. Therefore always nice to have that out of the way, and then every state has their own clinical requirement as mentioned above. Canada doesnt have a clinical component like ADEX where you would need to find patients, its just the NDEB Written and OSCE (OSCE serving as the clinical component). This does not hold true if you are from a non accredited university, then you must go through the equivalency process (AFK, ACS, ACJ).
  4. Theres always people that write both American Boards and Canadians. Less than half the class though. Most write to keep the option of specializing open, as States has more seats. The process itself as a Canadian grad is not that hard to work in the States.
  5. They've increased their seats for OOP since the year interviews were cancelled, therefore the average has been the same, if anything lower. I do agree, it would dip slightly with interviews, when they do come back in play.
  6. Could register for CE courses and do some learning. They should really offer another exam date earlier, very unfair.
  7. These numbers are accurate. If anything underreported in failures, actual rate is much higher across the country.
  8. NDEB is much much harder than the US NBDE exam. Most Dental students in the states pass their licensing exam in term 1 of fourth year.
  9. GPA is number 1. Keep your GPA/Class rank high. Canada is very competitive due to limited OMFS seats. Second would be to try and do externships in the summer/Research with faculty. Getting publications under your belt would be a big boost. Then finally, if you have time, being involved in some leadership position, but make sure it does not diminish your grades. In Canada going through an internship is the best way to be competitive for the programs, GPR is almost as good. For States, just make sure to do your research in advance on every school, the programs may differ tremendously
  10. Majority of out of province return home after graduation, a few may stay depending on other factors (significant other, etc).
  11. 86+ is competitive with a 21+ DAT. Average applicant OOP is 91% 22 DAT. Best of luck.
  12. Some do research (but still travel), most travel. Highly recommend traveling to cope with the pain of dental school.
  13. It covers the general sciences to just enough material you need to know. (you gotta meet more people my man)
  14. From speaking to multiple dental students across the country, Dat Bootcamp supplemented with 1 other textbook from any company (Princeton, Kaplan) is the way to go. Bootcamp prepares you very well for the PAT section and is generally harder than the actual exam. Just stay calm, manage your time and you will do excellent. Goodluck!
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