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  1. Also wrote this weekend- found questions very ambiguous and second guessing myself a lot now. Ive heard the exam is on a bell curve and roughly 90% pass. As there was approx 1800 applicants- thats about 180 people who wont pass i think aiming for 70% correct should be enough but who knows
  2. If you're on the waitlist- I would suggest going ahead and getting all the vaccinations in order as there is movement sometimes until the first few days of classes. As far as I know they do not grant extra time- so you should prepare in case you get an offer.
  3. there's a pen and a pad at (almost) each station-- depends on the scenario
  4. yeah u definitely have a shot! and from what i know- there is no MD-MSc program the closest thing would be MD-PhD
  5. 1- mcgill doesnt favor a specific kind of research. research is research 2- 34+ is a perfectly acceptable MCAT score 3- at mcgill, Undergrad GPA is kind- masters doesnt really matter unfortunatelt
  6. they will ask u to report your cegep grades but they will only consider the sciences pre-reqs and your undergrad GPA to the extent of my knowledege
  7. thanks for the feedback! looking into RBC and scotia at the moment
  8. Anyone have suggestions or advice on the best LOC option out there. I'm shopping around and currently looking into RBC, Scotia and BMO. If anyone can share their experience, I would greatly appreciate it Thanks!
  9. can anyone re-post the google document at the beginning of the thread comparing the different LOC rates? it doesn't seem to be working for me. thanks in advance!
  10. is it possible they waitlisted over 50 people?
  11. maybe i wasnt clear- like montrealer said the people who deferred last year secured a spot for this cycle- so those 17 deferrals last year meants 17 less open spots this year so if someone admitted this year decides to delay their admission for next year for a reason that the office finds suitable (ie health reasons, completion of a masters/phd), their spot would then be given to a waitlisted student in their respective applicant pool
  12. Anyone know when they will be processing the deferrals? since there has been 17 people differing each year since 2011, that could mean a lot of movement on the waitlist (both IP and OOP) My friend applied for deferral last year in may and it only got accepted end of july which makes me think they may process them all at the same time... if anyone has info please share
  13. I know a girl who got off the IP waitlist yesterday, so there has been at least 1 movement so far. No new tweets from the AED twitter feed, so its not that reliable
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