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  1. Subletting my place at prime location in downtown Toronto. Have your own private bachelor apartment (kitchen, full bath, storage room), furnished. 1800/month, subletting from mid June-mid-August. 10-15 min walk from all downtown hospitals. Start date negotiable, PM me if interested!
  2. I would definitely recommend that you describe this in the academic explanation essay.
  3. Related to the title- wondering when exactly are CaRMs applications due, i.e. is it beginning of 4th year, so do you have to have a good application prepped by the end of 3rd year summer? Also, are there any essay/personal statements involved? How many LORs do you need? Do LORs from basic science faculty (who are not MDs) hold any weight? (if the research is related to the field), or should the research be with clinical staff who can speak to both? I had heard that any research is good, or at least that there isn't anything wrong with research in an unrelated field, but after reading
  4. Selling the following books: The Princeton review MCAT Books 2015 set ($300) The Berkeley Review MCAT Books- great for those who haven't taken specific courses in physics, organic chemistry, chemistry to learn content, and for CARS practice passages. ($200) Kaplan MCAT prep books: old MCAT, includes all prep books + flashcards ($100) Interview prep books (brand new, bought & used this past application cycle, highly recommended): The Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty -- $15 Multiple mini interview (MMI): Winning strategies fro
  5. https://youtu.be/ZELZc5WaAys The recap video for the 2017 application cycle was just released. Average accepted GPA was 3.96.
  6. Are the rewards for the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card and AmEx+Scotia Gold Passport similar?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to sign a LOC with Scotia and my advisor has told me that any other credit cards I have will have to be closed or their max limit will be subtracted from 275K. I haven't heard of this before- has anyone else encountered this? This is concerning since they're also not offering the momentum card. Thanks.
  8. Exactly how and why is pink the second most popular option according to the current poll?? I've heard the pink being an option in past years as well, but really hope we don't end up being the year with pink backpacks. GO TEAM RED!!
  9. To my knowledge, summer thesis would be treated just like any other summer course.
  10. From what I know: 1- I think if you look there are some old threads on athabasca English courses over at the general premed discussions. Be mindful that online English courses can only satisfy requirements of Canadian schools that require English, if you decide to apply to US schools later on, most of them specify that pre-reqs cannot be done online. 2-Ontario schools will view them just like any other course while still following their own specific GPA calculation policies. For specifics, I'd suggest contacting the schools. Even when they are only in progress, you will have to submit a tran
  11. To those going with TD: do you get a personal advisor? When I asked about it, they said all our advisors are equally knowledgeable on professional LOCs and if I have questions in the future, I can drop by any branch and talk to anyone, i.e., I won't be dealing with the same person..this doesn't seem ideal, plus the person advising me did not seem to know much about professional LOCs, said he doesn't get many students at the branch. And when asked did not refer me to a LOC specialist,saying they don't have any??
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