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  1. I agree that the average dr is not going to want to work thise hours. But doesn't family offer one the flexibility of being able to work harder for more $. Especially with Rural Locums, obs, cosmetics, walk ins etc. I feel that while the average earnings might be low, the earning potential if wanted is much higher... whereas a lot of specialties that are tied to hospitals do not have that same opportunity. Realistically, It doesn't seem implausible for a fam doc to see 35 patients a day working in a walk in clinic for 6 days a week. Thats 1 patient every 15 minutes with maybe a 15 min
  2. Theoretically, shouldnt family medicine have one of the highest $/hr in medicine? and control over lifestyle in medicine as well (besides maybe ophtho and derm). Ex) A family doc who works 9hr days 6days a week in a walk in clinic with a conservative estimate of 4pts/hr at somewhere from $35-$50 per patient, can make ~400k after overhead with a month off (very conservative estimate). Why isnt this more common? Where do you guys see the future of FM heading? Especially with NPs and other healthcare workers encroaching on the role of a general GP. Economically, I feel there will be
  3. I just noticed that the CFPC website has a PGY3 listed for derm. I haven't heard anything about this before, and can't really find much information about it. I was wondering what you can do with the +1 in derm and what opportunities it opens up for you. Would you be able to practice as a dermatologist?
  4. Hey! So I have been trying to get more information about the average pay/salary for a Radiologist. I have heard anywhere from 300-400k gross per year. I tried looking through old forums, the MSP Blue Book, and the CMA website - but none of those have any figures for radiologists. Does anyone know around what they would make once they land a job?
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering how taxes work for a GP. Do you pay tax on your gross income before factoring in overhead, or after paying your overhead? Seems a bit depressing if it is on your total gross pay: Avg Canada GP Salary: 246000 Tax: ~80000 Overhead: ~85000 Net Income: 81 000 If it is after your overhead: Overhead: 85 000 Tax: 50 000 Net Income: 112000 A bit better To hit that 250k/yr, how much vacation time (realistically) would you be able to take in a year?
  6. dude applying to calgary is like drawing names out of a hat. it all depends on who gets your file, what mood he is in, whether he had his morning coffee, likes your name etc... its kind of atrocious that 60% of your score is made up of some random people judging your life experience. In other words - apply. I know people who busted their butts with 4.0s and stellar ECS, a completely balanced life, and research w pubs with 33+ MCATS that got rejected, and I also know people with 3.5s that party every day with minimal ECS that did get an interview.
  7. Hey guys. What are some things/procedures a family doctor could do to increase their income when working as part of a group practice?
  8. Hey guys! I am starting to think about different specialties and want to know more about job prospects in many different fields. Are there any resources out there that could help me determine what the demand/job prospects of certain fields are going to be like in the future? Thanks!
  9. What I would suggest is what worked for me. My first two years were harder because I did all the prereqs/labs and such. The next two were easier because of this: I took 3 hard courses, and 2 easy ones every semester. Out of the 3 hard ones, 2 were for my major, and 1 was for my minor, or all 3 were for the major after i finished my minor off. The remaining two were gpa boosters, usually EAS courses that were fairly easy with good ratemyprof ratings on the profs. They still required work, but it was the crammable kind of work that was less stressful and not as material intensive. Do this if pos
  10. Thanks so much for the advice! After reading all of this, I definitely have changed my mind about working through school.
  11. For those who have worked through medical school 1) Is it possible, and what kind of sacrifices does it entail 2) What kind of jobs gave you the flexibility to work plus pursue your studies simultaneously 3) Does it get harder to keep the job over time? Thanks
  12. Sell yourself. Strike a balance between describing your activities, and describing what you gained from it, with more emphasis on describing it. Focus on tailoring everything that you write about yourself towards showing how you represent the attributes on the CANMED framework.
  13. learn to BS and sell yourself with good writing that highlights and exemplifies your key attributes. I bet you tons of applicants have the exact same cr*p on their apps. The ones that distinguish themselves are just good at describing what they did in a way that reinforces the CANMEDs and sells themselves.
  14. I hear you...The lady told me it would take 5 weeks! One of my friends said it took him 10 weeks last year, which is ridiculous. Another person I know got it done and returned the very next day! It really depends on the station you go to I believe. I think you should just call them and find out what is happening. In any case, I don't think UofA would kick you out because your police check got lost in the mail...seems a little silly... but who knows
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