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  1. I’m in the same place. It’s quite difficult while all of my friends from medical school are enjoying their programs so much. Good luck and if you need someone to commiserate with during the process message me.
  2. May I ask why you are thinking of entering carms again? I agree that it’s an awkward place to be in but having letters from your current program would definitely help your application
  3. My province is Saskatchewan. But really I won’t be picky
  4. Hi, I’m a family medicine R1. I’m applying through Carms 2nd iteration to leave my current program and hopefully match in my home province. Does anyone know other residents who have been successful moving between programs within the same discipline via carms? Are post-graduate students at an advantage or a disadvantage? How does getting time off for interviews work? Thanks for any input.
  5. You can’t practice in Quebec without fluency in French - individuals not from Quebec have to write a super hard French language test in order to practice here. Residency is different from practice and residents are exceptions to this language law. Although I think that if the politicians were aware of this exception then it wouldn’t last long. I 100 percent think that anglophones should not be permitted to do residency here and that McGill has to enter the Quebec pool where proof of language proficiency is required.
  6. What program requirements are you looking at? I haven’t seen this clearly stated anywhere. And if that is the case then why was I accepted into this program? Why are numerous McGill programs accepting anglophone residents (sometimes to the exclusion of French-speaking residents)? Why isn’t McGill part of the Quebec application pool? Is it the responsibility of individual applicants or the institution to uphold the province’s laws? Furthermore, I have voiced my concerns over patient rights to my program innumerable times. I don’t think it’s fair to francophone patients tha
  7. Hi, I don't mean to incite language politics and I do not bemoan the francophone patients - as I stated, I was originally fully invested in learning French, that's why I thought that McGill would be a neat place to do some of my medical training. I do feel that McGill needs to be more straightforward about the realities of working in this province, particularly as an anglophone person. And that if McGill is going to accept anglophone residents, then they need to be committed to supporting those residents.
  8. So what actually is their end of the contract? Because I haven't been able to figure this out. Like what do they owe me and what are my rights? The PGME dean of resident affairs says that I have a right to a positive learning experience while at McGill, whatever that means. It definitely helps to have the PGME on my side.
  9. I'm trying as hard as I can to avoid getting a lawyer. I will try all other avenues before doing that.
  10. Thanks for your sympathy. I see that you're in psychiatry.. apparently the psychiatry program here now requires proficient French (which is kind of a no brainer). But then so does the program I'm in and I fell through the cracks. Most of the programs here still don't require any level of French. It's absolutely a tremendous barrier each and every day. And then on top of that you get abused for not speaking French when you never said that you did. I strongly believe that McGill needs to move into the Quebec pool.
  11. Hey thanks for your reply, Yes I have been contacting other programs. They all strongly urge you to do so through your own PGME office. So I personally contacted the ones that I'm more interested in. I had some hope in U of C because initially they were saying they will consider external transfers come January. Now in a follow-up email they are saying something about there being a vote about whether they will be changing this to after 2nd iteration or not, so my hope has diminished. My home medical school told my PGME office not until after 2nd iteration. I sent them a personal email tod
  12. Hi, This is a long shot but I will take it. I'm a first year resident at McGill. I won't say which program publicly because I would like to remain as anonymous as possible. Is anybody interested in transferring to McGill? Direct message me for details.
  13. Hi, This is a long shot but I will take it. I'm a first year resident at McGill. I won't say which program publicly because I would like to remain as anonymous as possible. Is anybody interested in transferring to McGill? Direct message me for details.
  14. Hello all, I am currently in a very unenviable position, but I'll make a long story short. I'm a first year resident at McGill (I'm not going to say which program because I want to remain anonymous). In CaRMS 2019 the program's description stated that French is not a requirement but is an asset. Given this, despite having zero French, I still applied. There was no screening for French fluency involved in the admission process. In my interview for the program I was asked, "parlez-vous le francais?" to which I responded with the French version of "I do not speak French but I am
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