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  1. Did anyone receive rejections from MUN/Calgary for peds? Haven't received any notification from them, they sent invites out yesterday, thought they would send rejections out at the same time...
  2. Can someone comment on how the 4th year bursary for Ontario Medical students is now administered, since it's no longer done by OMA?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter ralk-pretty helpful. I'll keep them in mind, and will look to see if dept family med has any projects that'll allow med student involvement.
  4. I feel like research is a tickbox for Carms - having attended enough talks about different residencies, .. as well as just keeping up my research skills which I built in undergrad, since a lot of residency programs require completion of a research project. Going through different PI research profiles - I don't seem to be drawn to any specific one >_< :/ -I am tbh interested most in family medicine at this point.
  5. email your registrar and explain that you are applying for med, and would like to use registrar's office for verifier for scholarship, that's what I did for my scholarships.
  6. so as the title suggests, I am hoping for some opinions about the following 4 options: a) doing data entry type research - ~5hrs/week - with research group not medically oriented - more social science doing basic science research - not sure what the expectations will be in terms of hours/wk committment, but I mean, considering all the years of 'basic science research - cells/mouse model' I did in undergrad and no publication, I can foresee the same happening again - where nothing really comes off it... other than some more experience doing cell cultures and pipetting >_<.. c
  7. so yeah I got my actual OSAP assessment today, and it's the $11,500 predicted right after I submitted my app, rather than near the $13,917 estimator said. I honestly don't get this
  8. I am trying to send you a PM, but your inbox is full.
  9. This bothers me, and to constantly post it using those word choices is also.....self perpetuating of some myth that if you don't have fb, you're some weirdo. I keep in touch with you friends via email and in-person and shouldnt need to create a fb acct to justify my personal connections to the world. If someone makes a conscious decision not to have one why should that be a problem, if you want to do character checks on us ask for a character reference sheesh.
  10. If your UK degree doesnt grant you MBBS or MD when you finish then it's not medicine program/degree
  11. I am sorry that with all that an interview didn't come, it unfortunately is luck sometimes, i had mediocre to low ECs and mediocre gpa (nowhere near your 3.9s), and got an interview from Queens completely unexpectedly.. it just ends up being if the reviewer who saw your file - thought there was something interesting about you...(lol I am so uninteresting...Queen's invite still boggles my mind, and I was pretty unsurprised to have been waitlisted by them).
  12. I am not really theatrical, musical or athletic in any way.. lol so I doubt the first three would work for me. In terms of ECs thanks for pointing out about the lunch time information sessions for special interest groups, but I was also considering being a part of the teddy bear clinic thing where you show kids about physical exams and going to a doctor's office what happens. In terms of work - I wanted to do a bit of tutoring on the side because one I enjoy it immensely, and have been doing it for >4 years now, and feel weird giving it up, and two yes it's a little for having a very s
  13. yeah.. in previous years, my estimate and actual OSAP have been pretty close with like a few tens of dollars difference (not even hundreds). :/ don't know what's going on, and not really sure who to contact about it..
  14. Oh I see. I guess I was surprised, since I had seen people posting that they had gotten ~13,000-~14,000 considered the full OSAP estimate for first year, so was expecting a similar number, since my income is very little for having worked part-time and not in school.
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