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  1. Does anyone's application status still say Decision Pending? Or have most people received a response already?
  2. Anyone being accepted from the waitlist? Thanks.
  3. have anyone in the waitlist heard anything back after the last enrollment letters on this thread?
  4. I am wondering if someone is still waiting for a reply. Thanks for your help.
  5. @rumraisin I am wondering when is your deadline to accept? Thanks.
  6. I am wondering if anyone is still waiting to hear back
  7. I am not sure how helpful it will be since my aGPA is around 76%, can you please let me know what courses you took during unclassified studies. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before... I am wondering if someone got accepted after doing an unclassified studies, is it worth your time to do it to increase your GPA? It will be great if someone can share their experience. Thanks.
  9. Thanks all for your feedback, it was truly appreciated.
  10. Thanks StarStrike for the information. If anyone can share any information, it will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi All, Just wanted to get some advice or suggestions regarding my situation. I'm applying this cycle to UBC and just finished my degree. Unfortunately, my aGPA is 76%. The low GPA is due to financial hardship while I was doing my undergrad so I have to work to support myself in order to reduce the burden of my education on my parents. I am writing my MCAT next month and assume that I can get a good score. First- does anyone know if the adjusted GPA is used in assessing the cut-off for a file review (ie. is it used instead of the overall GPA)? Second, I could take a few class
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