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  1. This is not the time to be shy. I would do everything in your power to get ahold of them even if that means tracking down a prof at the university or calling office and leaving multiple messages. In the meantime, if you really don't think they will submit contact another reference right away and explain. They still have time to submit.
  2. Hi lab2185,

    I saw your post. I, too, have a low MCAT (sub 508).

    If you don't mind, what was your MCAT and what do you think they consider "low" (leading to a post-interview rejection)?


  3. I can say after having interviewed two years and been rejected with above average both times... that MCAT definitely plays a large role post interview. You can see by looking at the stats that the average was 515 last year. I too was under the impression that it didn't matter. But unfortunately it does. The only way I can see how it might not matter is if the break down that someone provided above is correct and you have very strong marks and a very strong interview than it may be possible for it a bad score to be overcome.
  4. If you look at their blog and go back to last year, they do have a post about typical waitlist questions, and it will answer most of the points that people are bringing up. But basically, YES and YES
  5. You can't switch sites. But if you get like your third choice, you are put on the waitlist for first and second choices, so you could end up getting bumped up once the waitlist moved if that makes sense. The only way you can "switch" is if you get offered NOT your first choice, you can choose to accept that choice and be taken off waistlist for other choices.
  6. did anyone get Ontario today and will be accepting that and not UBC? Just curious.. I know from friends that those emails went out this morning
  7. At this point you already got the interview, so I think they are in their final reviews. You can notify the verifier and send the email which you already did. That's all you can do!
  8. I would say around Cambie or Main street area. Or basically anywhere that is close to broadway where you can grab the 99 bus, as that goes straight to UBC. I know some classes are at VGH so Cambie or Main is also quite close to the hospital
  9. Nobody knows what they take into account post interview so it is very hard to answer whether they take NAQ into account, for example. But yes, there will be some people who get in with lower GPA/MCATs.
  10. Has anyone email admissions to ask what the official release date is?
  11. Ya where are people getting May 10 from? I believe that is the Ontario med school release date but I haven't heard anything about that day for UBC... Has anyone had that confirmed? I also just want to reiterate what everyone else has says that you can never really tell, and that they look at other factors besides interview so there is no point in beating yourself up if you felt certain stations didn't go well because it doesn't really mean anything.
  12. Also keep in mind it is not just the interview that counts.... There are people not getting accepted with above average interviews and people getting in likely with not above average interviews. So it is sort of impossible to gage as they look at everything.
  13. I would do your best in case you are not accepted and reapply, then this mark would be included in your GPA the following cycle. Also, since it is a pre-req nobody really knows if admissions will look particularly closely at these marks post-interview, as it is part of the 'holistic review'
  14. Ya I haven't gotten anything either? I will check with admissions..
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