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  1. I can say after having interviewed two years and been rejected with above average both times... that MCAT definitely plays a large role post interview. You can see by looking at the stats that the average was 515 last year. I too was under the impression that it didn't matter. But unfortunately it does. The only way I can see how it might not matter is if the break down that someone provided above is correct and you have very strong marks and a very strong interview than it may be possible for it a bad score to be overcome. 

  2. So is it possible to be offered NOT first choice and then stay on the waitlist while holding the NOT first choice acceptance or do you have to make a decision in a week like everyone else?

    Is it possible that it could be a situation in which you would reject the NOT first choice acceptance in lieu of waitlist for your higher preferences and then end up not being accepted at either?


    If you look at their blog and go back to last year, they do have a post about typical waitlist questions, and it will answer most of the points that people are bringing up. 


    But basically, YES and YES 

  3. Does anyone know if you can change site preference after getting an offer. For example if offered spot in VFMP, switch over to the satellite programs? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere on the forum, thanks!


    You can't switch sites. But if you get like your third choice, you are put on the waitlist for first and second choices, so you could end up getting bumped up once the waitlist moved if that makes sense. The only way you can "switch" is if you get offered NOT your first choice, you can choose to accept that choice and be taken off waistlist for other choices. 

  4. Ya where are people getting May 10 from? I believe that is the Ontario med school release date but I haven't heard anything about that day for UBC... Has anyone had that confirmed?


    I also just want to reiterate what everyone else has says that you can never really tell, and that they look at other factors besides interview so there is no point in beating yourself up if you felt certain stations didn't go well because it doesn't really mean anything. 

  5. So, in terms of the science courses. That would be a concern, I would think. But if you kill the MCAT, it might be ok. You might consider taking a (or a few) biology or anatomy/physiology classes online and doing really well in those to show you can do well in sciences, as your grades in those classes might be a concern for admissions I would think. I would look at TRU or Athabasca. 


    The other thing is... so to land an interview it is 50 percent grades and 50 percent volunteer/work experience. You will obviously do quite well on the grades part, but if you look at the forum, unless you have a good score on the other part it is quite difficult to get an interview. 


    If you are interested in applying in the future, I would start pursuing different volunteer activities. This will also give you an idea if this is a career you want to pursue. It is a big haul, so I would think you would want to do some volunteer work in the area so make sure this is your passion and something you are really interested in pursuing. 


    As for having children, I know a few people at UBC med with kids right now and they have all said the program is very accommodating. But, I mean it is med school... so it's of course going to be extremely busy and demanding to do both, but of course can be done! 


    Hope that helps!

  6. Congrats on the interview!


    Your community reference doesnt have to be from a hospital position! You can ask anyone basically that you have done volunteer work with in the community. Look over your app, and pick someone else from the other volunteer activities you did! If you got an interview, I am sure you have quiet a good selection of things to choose from! Also, it is unlikely they would get contacted. They usually just write a letter, unless it has changed from last year. But yes, of course they need to know you well and be able to write a strong letter. 

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