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  1. Time stamp: Fri, March 16, 12:54 PM Result: Regrets wGPA: ~3.85 MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: plenty Essays: worked hard on them over sometime Year: 5th UG Geography: IP
  2. They could’ve made this process a lot easier by actually sending rejections to the said candidates in a timely manner. Waiting this entire time to just hear back a regret seems pretty uncalled for.
  3. That's definitely true actually, I was wrong. UofT doesn't seem to have cleaned up their room.
  4. Alright, cool. Thanks for sharing. Maybe there's still hope to find order in the chaos.
  5. So, is it safe to say that most likely all April 8th invites have been released then? If you're waiting now, are you just waiting for the formal rejection next week?
  6. @Eudaimonia this is completely off-topic, but I absolutely love your name. Great choice.
  7. I wish you the best of luck man. We've still got a long 3 years ahead of us
  8. You're right guys, thanks a lot. I know for a fact I can change. This summer I'm going to think long and hard about everything and in second year I'm coming back as strong as ever.
  9. I'm just finishing up my second semester of my first year right now at Guelph. My first semester GPA is about 3.3 assuming if I did my calculations correct and my second semester isn't looking any better. I was just wondering can I even recover? Everytime I read threads about people talking about their 3.8+ GPAs worried about them being "average" or they might not get in just worries me even more. Medicine is truly an aspiring passion of mine, but this year I felt I just slipped away completely. I'm hoping that over the summer I can shape up and get a grip of what I've been doing wron
  10. Darkness, I'm sorry I have no information or alternatives to give to you, but I felt that I must have shared something with you. I want you to sit yourself down, alone and think about quitting. Truly think about giving everything you've worked so hard for up and telling everyone around you at your school that you're done. That you will fall to your knees and let them expel you. I want all these thoughts to play out in your head. Use them to truly drive you. I want you to motivate yourself. Do not ever let anyone else's opinion of you label you. Do not settle. I cannot imagine how much
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