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  1. It is a really odd way of using taxpayers' money. they should have first cut 50 medical school seats and then cut residency spots accordingly. And even if they wanted to cut a residency spot they should have cut something like ortho not primary care spots.
  2. Hey guys Can anyone shed some light on the competitiveness and job security of cardiology and GI? Thanks
  3. I would say with 3.91 it is tough to get an interview at uOttawa as a third year undergrad. However, I would still apply cause there is always a factor of luck in the process. Also, make sure you do well in your MCAT too. The thing is a good MCAT score can make many doors open. I know many ppl with 3.7-3.8 who got in this year but all of them had pretty good mcat scores i.e. 12+/11+/10+. And dw that much, fourth year is lots of fun so as the previous poster mentioned focus on the destination best of luck.
  4. Hey guys Does anyone have any experience with Microsoft Surface 3. I am starting med and I wanna see how helpful it is for note taking. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know how is job prospects for IM in Canada (mainly GIM, cardiology, gastro). Also why ophthalmologists are making almost twice as other doctors, based on my experience in eye research they are not working that much so what is the reason?
  6. what kinda fees you mean?, I went with RBC and they didn't charge me anything. My advisor is super nice and awesome.
  7. Hey guys Do you know how long is Christmas break for first year med students?
  8. Don't freak out, just get a chest x-ray and see the result. you can also do IGAR test to make sure it is not latent TB.
  9. Do you guys know whether we can apply to OSAP while we don't have our student numbers? Thanks
  10. I had a mix of "and" and "&". I also used abbreviation for some of the words. I got in as an OOP.
  11. In my opinion, panel is actually harder than MMI. In MMI you know if you bs in one station you still have 9-10 more to recover but in panel if something goes wrong then there is a great chance that everything falls apart. I think MMI is better for evaluating someone's critical thinking skills while panel is good for evaluating someone's life experiences.
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