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  1. Accepted 88.3% DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 21/20/18 Interview: While I didn't feel that I was prepared for this kind of interview compared to how I prepared, I was able to be very personable and relatable while doing my best answering the questions. Walked out feeling great overall (of course you always doubt what you said after), lots of jokes and aside discussions with my panel in the interview. IP ABS: Strong - Dental Research, employment in healthcare, publications, shadowing, long-term community service e.g. Youth/Kids, refugees, etc. and diverse ECs (e.g. play various mus
  2. Invite! I am excited but worried because I have not interviewed at western before. Any tips?
  3. Are there any stats for last years class waitlist movement for Schulich dent?
  4. My Masters is a course-based program, it is not a thesis based. The course component will be completed by April. During May-Aug period followed by a small project over the summer. According to Schulich's email "completing your master's program by June 30th, 2018 or providing us with a letter of good standing by June 30th, 2018 indicating there are no concerns with meeting all requirements of the master's degree. Your final transcript must be received by August 15th, 2018." So based on that and depending on the letter, then as you say, they wouldn't take my completion time in admission p
  5. Based on your past experience or if you had it clarified by someone, what does this line mean? (found on the application) "Note: Only applicants whose files are complete will be notified of the decision of the Admissions Committee after the meeting." I am doing a 1-year master's which will be completed by August 2018, and degree will be received at Fall convocation (Oct.). I have asked Schulich before and know that if I gained admission, I would need a letter by my supervisors to confirm that I am on track to graduate in expected time by June 30. However, what I am wondering is, wil
  6. Any information regarding them using PAT this application cycle?
  7. What if your score goes down? does western look at best or most recent? I always thought that writing in Nov could hurt your chances for the current cycle (assuming you go down).
  8. Unfortunately, its 12 months so I would be graduating past the June 30 cut-off. I will definitely look at U of T post. I was just trying to learn about its effect at Western because it seems kind of vague.
  9. I am also debating starting a Master's program this coming fall which is 1-year course based and the application due end of this month. But I am very hesitant about it not being as crucial as other parts of the application required. No research experience in the masters. I finished my undergrad degree and have ~89% average. I am going to re-write the DAT this fall in case the PAT section is a high cut-off for Western (I am not very competitive at U of T due to my gpa). I have just started with research experience but otherwise I believe my EC's are decent for my ABS. I am aiming at applyin
  10. I have similar questions to OP but I already wrote the test in Feb. I scored: - RC: 19 - AA: 21 - PAT: 16 I am thinking of re-writing this Nov because of my PAT scores. I am also worried I do worse in Nov (I heard a rumour that the scales are harder in Nov.?). I didn't give PAT much time for Feb (about 2 weeks, like 4 practice exams off Boot camp + generators) but I am not sure exactly when to start studying for it if I write in Nov. . When do you recommend I start studying again, at least with PAT? I want to start as early as possible and make this 2nd nature. I felt lik
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