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  1. This sounds pretty terrible, but if it's important to you then good luck.
  2. If you can't celebrate someone else's achievement then just keep your head down and improve your own life. No need to throw shade at them.
  3. This is the closest to what you're looking for: https://www.cfp.ca/content/cfp/62/2/131.full.pdf https://canadiantaskforce.ca/guidelines/published-guidelines/ In terms of knowledge in daily practice you'd probably want to familiarize yourself with the following. Peds: rourke, vaccination guidelines IM: diabetes canada guidelines, canadian cardiovascular society guidelines, hypertension canada guidelines Cancer: cervical, breast, colorectal in above links, generally don't screen for others in canada Other: chronic non-cancer pain guidelines from McMaste
  4. Usually you buy online or if there's an overzealous upper year med student who bought their own personal ophthalmoscope and realized it was a waste of money, they'll be happy to sell it to you.
  5. Close this website. Go enjoy high school.
  6. Do you feel a compulsive need for others to think you are the smartest person in the room? Do you love working inhumane hours? Do you have the personality of a walking textbook? If yes to the above do GIM. Otherwise do hospitalist which is a dumping ground for internal medicine when their ward is getting full.
  7. Let us know what the beaches in the caribbean are like
  8. In my experience lots of med school social events were held at bars and revolved around drinking. Usually it was the same group of classmates who attended these. Wasn't that interesting.
  9. Honestly you don't know what it's like being in medicine until you're knee deep in it and feel like you can't get out. Shadowing won't tell you anything. Are you sure you want to go into an astronomical amount of debt pursuing medicine in the US while deferring your income, being the lowest rung on the totem pole, having no autonomy over your schedule, and dealing with the uncertainty of what specialty is right for you, whether you'll match to what you want, possibly having to move across the country for training and having to do the whole application process plus interviewing that c
  10. Lmao dude if that's the position you're in right now, then you should RUN not walk AWAY from medicine. Not worth the toil of the application process + medical school/clerkship especially + CaRMS + residency +/- fellowship(s) to maybe land a job and for it to be somewhere that you might not want to be. Low 6 figures + pension + 3 wk paid vacation + no debt = No brainer. Enjoy your hopefully humane hours, evenings/weekends off, spend time with your friends/family/SO and stay connected to your personal interests/hobbies.
  11. This ^^^. Always disclose the minimum possible. Exercise caution around any admin. Don't talk about it with your preceptors.
  12. Well, it looks like you successfully ruled out a career in medicine...
  13. None dude. Uptodate: Not that useful to be honest unless you want to do internal medicine and want to try to 'fit in' with them. Flashcards: Kudos to you bro. Studying at home: You mean reading some or all of case files the week before your clerkship exams? Reading textbooks: What does this mean??
  14. Nah dude. You should be a clinic manager, clinic owner, or an accountant specializing in dealing with healthcare professionals instead. You're not missing out on anything by not being in medicine. Your current lifestyle is almost surely manifold better than going through the slog of prereqs + MCAT + applications + interviews + preclerkship + clerkship + residency +/- fellowship(s) +/- graduate degrees to become a practicing physician.
  15. Agreed. From what I understand, if single with no dependents, skip the life insurance. However, everyone in medicine should have disability insurance.
  16. Wear modest business casual when shadowing or working clinically and to class some people wear the same while others are dressed entirely casually. Really up to you.
  17. I don't think the schools communicate so theoretically possible, but I think on OMSAS there is a question that pertains to having attended/withdrawn from another medical school previously. I suppose technically you wouldn't have met that criteria and could answer no. I doubt there would be any consequences to pursuing this. That being said, you're probably overrating UofT and UofA is a great school.
  18. AFAIK family doctors don't have to do a +1 in anything in order to actually tailor their practice that way. Exception being the +1 in surgery, and anesthesia. Honourary mention to the +1 in ER in order to get hired in more urban areas if available, though it is possible to do more semi-rural to rural ER work without a +1.
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