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  1. Thank you ! Yes I will try to find the more information about the two professions...I would have to move out of my province (quebec) to work as a PA so I need to be sure it is really what I want ! The thing about waiting a couple of years is that I would prefer to study while I don't have any kids...I am already 24. This is the main issue I have with waiting ! I know NP is a hard program and so I would like to dedicate all my time to studying, to become a great NP! Good luck you too !
  2. A decade...! I'd better try to go for MD then..! It's been more than 3 years that I work in hospitals as a ''nurse aid'' (or something like that) so I have had the time to see how it works and you are right, it is not the same as in school. I need to decide this summer because I would have prerequisite courses to do next year, depending on what I plan to do as a master, that's why I am asking you help
  3. I am working as a Nurse (student) right now. It is okay but disappointing. I want to be able to do more. I don't like the fact that most of the time, we cannot use our jugement to decide. I suppose the real problem is that we don't have enough time to fully use what we have learned at university, because we have other things to do (paperwork...vital signs...and every thing else that doesn't require a lot of thinking). It's sad to think that we learn so many things but can't really use it at the hospital. Also, I want to know more about the medical stuff. If I could study all my life, I would !
  4. Yes I have looked into the CNS role, but that's not really want I want... That's good to know that someone got in with 2 years! And that they look at the last 2 years !
  5. Thank you, I will go on that forum to see what they think ! Here in Quebec it's easy to work at the ICU or ER right after university, but yeah they seem to have a preference for older nurses...
  6. Hi ! I would greatly appreciate your advice about choosing to go for NP or PA... because I am so confused now At first I wanted to be a doctor but got refused, so I got into Architecture and completed my degree with a low 3,3 GPA...and hated it. I then learned about the NP profession and thought that this would be perfect. Now, after 2 years of nursing school (3,9 GPA), I've just learned that the requirement of 2 years of experience that they are asking to get into a NP program is more 4-5 years in reality..! They didn't accept anyone with only 2 years of experience in Quebec (well fr
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