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  1. Hiya, Is there anyone who has an interview for U of T dentistry on the Saturday, the 18th, who would like to come on the Sunday instead? I have the exact opposite situation (another interview on the 19th out of town!), and hopefully we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and swap interview times.
  2. True, my b. Wasn't thinking straight LOL. I'm pretty sure my actual answers were acceptable, probably not the best but I don't think knowledge/reasoning were the things holding me back. I probably came off the wrong way, maybe unsociable or stiff. Didn't make a good case for having the right personality.
  3. Partially because of the fact that I got a bunch of them and somehow flopped and partially from the few schools that do give feedback to applicants; they generally said I did below average on the interviews. Luckily this at least this gives me something specific to work on, instead of trying to figure out which part of the application was too weak. I agree, I'm thinking of going back into retail or service to work directly with people again. Probably became a reclusive hermit again after 8 months of school.
  4. I bustered out super hard on the interviews this cycle and didn't get in anywhere :^) Right now I'm unsure of what I should do during the next year. I just finished my undergrad, and I don't think the timing for a 1-year Master's at this point would work (since I'd either have to drop it or wait to finish the degree before med). Ideally, I think I want to work in the mean time, but I'm not sure if I should be looking for a job directly related to medicine. I also say this because I think my actual application this cycle, excluding my terrible interviewing skills, was pretty strong sinc
  5. My 0.02 from being on and off polyphasic sleep in undergrad: It's super rough the first week or two while you get adjusted, and after that I don't think I was any worse off than sleeping a normal 8 hours. Felt about as rested, didn't go crazy, and could recover from exercise fine. There were periods where I wasn't able to do it due to awkward class scheduling, but I definitely set it up every term I could. The only gotcha is that if you miss any sleep/naps you get messed up pretty bad. I don't know if it will necessarily work for everyone, I have a strong feeling potential side ef
  6. Invited OOP GPA(4.26/4.5): MCAT (14/15): Non-Rural
  7. Thanks for all your help guys, it's reassuring to see how med schools look at pass/fails. I guess there's no harm in trying, but you are probably right that it's too late to change it.
  8. My $0.02: I can't speak for McMaster specifically, but from what I've heard from my friends at Western and Queens, UWaterloo sciences are a lot weaker and make it harder to achieve a high GPA. If you're going for engineering/CS/math/accounting, where your GPA won't matter nearly as much since you'll get great co-op opportunities + a sick job right out of undergrad, then Loo is a pretty sweet choice. I've seen friends getting 60-70s in every course, yet land jobs at Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. just on the strength of the co-op programs. However, since Canadian med schools put such
  9. Anki flash cards: http://ankisrs.net/ Super useful for biology/social sciences, imo. Making the cards is half the battle, too. They're the real deal, especially if you want to take them along on your phone/tablet.
  10. Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying the holidays/winter break so far. I'm in my 4th year, sitting on my hands in anticipation of interview season. I just got marks back for fall term, with 4 marks over 90, and one course that I got a 77 in. I'm kinda upset because no matter how much work I put into that one course, nothing good came of it (should have dropped it earlier on, but my classmates and I only realized the problem after it was too late). I'm considering trying to change this one irksome grade to a pass/fail, but I'm not sure of the implications of such. I kno
  11. Thanks for all the input. I have thought about it and decided I should probably just use my summer on other productive things, and try to find a research position during the school year that fits better.
  12. I messed up earlier this year in planning out how I was going to spend my summer, and now I'm scrambling to find an opportunity to see what research is like. The main problems I see right now are that it's pretty late in the summer to be looking for this kind of thing, and that I study out of town, so I have few/no connections to researchers where I'm living for the summer (Toronto). I'm sure there's opportunities, however few they may be, SOMEWHERE in a city as big as Toronto, I'm just kind of lost and not sure where to start. I've tried Sunnybrook but apparently I'm too late for thei
  13. Timestamp: 10:01 pm May 27 Result: Waitlisted Program: MD Year: 3rd year UG cGPA: 3.86 Highest year: 3.93 Highest two years: 3.89 MCAT: 14/14/14 ECs: volunteering, executive position on 2 clubs, lots of jobs (teaching, retail), varsity team for a video game, no research Interview: DESTRUCTED. I learned how weak I am in this area. Oh well, there's always next year to look forward to. Hope for the best, plan for the worst, etc etc.
  14. I'm pretty late to the party, too, but I'll post here anyway. Rejected VR Score: 14 OMSAS GPA: 3.86 Geography: IP Current year: 3rd CASPER: didn't feel too rough Interview: got destructed LOL At least now I know how much harder I have to work on those interviews for next time :^)
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