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  1. I looked at it like this: besides the application guide, none of us know jack shit about what they care about. The year that I applied, the application guide actually had childhood farming as an example in one of the boxes. I didn't have 20 huge, impressive things to put on my application so I included things I did a long time ago but shaped who I am (including childhood farming ). I put things on like rock climbing and mountaineering courses I did when I was 15 (I'm in my 30's). If an activity had an impact on you, find a way to frame it the best way you can and whack it in. That's my 2
  2. One or the other, it doesn't matter. Don't do both.
  3. I'll chime in on your struggle with the MCAT prep. I know someone with no background in science and they tried to use a prep course and found it extremely difficult. My two cents is to go to Langara in the summer and do some science pre-reqs. Not all the stuff you'll learn will be directly MCAT applicable, but a lot will and it will make your life a LOT easier when it comes to MCAT prep. The prep courses are meant to be a review. I want to encourage you though, because you can do it. You're young, have lots of time ahead of you and if you finish your degree and work for a bit while you u
  4. When did you get ranked provincially? Was it a professional ranking or amateur?
  5. My first year of undergrad went: F, F, C, F, I then W, W, W, W, W. You're doing fine, just kick it up a notch and find what works for you academically. My advice would be to not to overlap similar volunteer positions for the sake of volunteering. I would say you could drop one of the dementia home or hospice care volunteering positions unless you're sure that you're developing different skills (or unless you're incredibly passionate about each of them). I know that sounds cold, but if you're working nights and doing a ton of volunteering, just make sure it's worth it and you're not compr
  6. Also keep in mind that they look for the NAQ qualities in your employment history as well. That helped give me peace of mind when I was filling out my application.
  7. I think you're on the right track with letters of recommendations this year. I think it's an area of the post-interview stage that's grossly overlooked on this forum. I intentionally chose people that I felt would be good at writing a persuasive argument for why I'm a better candidate than the rest. For example, I chose one of my english professors as my academic reference because writing academic papers is all about being concise and persuasive. I agree with TARS, I think unless you're feeling really confident that you'll improve on your MCAT you should be ok. A girl I know got in with
  8. You should get on and start working on your application as soon as you're able to. The space you're given for each of your activities is tiny, and you don't get an opportunity to write an essay to show what you learned from your "heart-warming" story (sorry, that wording makes me cringe a bit). I really struggled to portray who I am with so little space. I was a non-trad applicant and it took me a long time, so try and get started early! Good luck!
  9. I'm not sure what the max is, I'm interested to know as well, but it doesn't matter much. You just have to apply and see what you get. Grants from StudentAid are automatic, I've gotten a few of them over the years but never applied for them. Other grants/scholarships/bursaries we can apply to on Aug 15.
  10. The advisor I spoke to must have been clueless then. I'll give yours a shot. Thanks!
  11. Hey Kol26, I'm glad TD was able to sort you out! I think maybe you working there might have helped, I met with an advisor today that was helpful but it just didn't make sense to go with them. What I got today was: - LOC is at prime (not prime -0.25 like at Scotia and RBC) - Rate will stay the same but prime might change (same) - Won't waive credit card fees (Scotia will for 4 years and RBC at least one, though they said that might change) - Won't waive banking fees (Scotia and RBC you get two all-inclusive accounts for free and no minimum balance) - Will give you a free UEBOOM 2 (whil
  12. Haha I know we all want to keep moving and ticking off the boxes, it's been such a haul just to get here. I'm pretty sure they'll stay true to the timelines in the welcome letter on OAS. Go have a beer and relax!
  13. I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same, his initial response seemed copied/pasted. It's all the normal stuff that's been posted before, with the exception of prime -0.25% instead of prime. This isn't exclusive to Scotia though as I talked to RBC and their website just hasn't been updated. 275k, prime might change but the -0.25% stays, no principal payments until after residency, etc. Pre-approved gold amex and gold rewards. I honestly would rather stay at TD but I haven't found an advisor that's med-specific yet. Does anyone have a contact? Also, apparently Scotia will set up an auto-p
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