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  1. I'm in this boat too. So just to clarify, my 48 hour clock starts if/when I accept the Ontario offer? Thanks so much!!
  2. Accepted - Hamilton Campus Time: 8:13 AM GPA: 3.75 CARS: 132 Casper: First half was great. Got cut off a couple of times during the second half. MMI: Most stations felt great, but felt that I totally bombed one IP Recently completed second undergrad For the non-traditionals out there I hope my post provides you with some hope. I went the second undergrad route and was accepted into my top 2 choices. It is definitely a bit of a gamble to go back to school, but in my case it has been 100% worth the time, effort, debt (lol) and hard work.
  3. Hi guys! I'm one of those people that needs to talk about things after they've happened, so please humour me. Lol! We've all signed confidentiality agreements, so no sharing of specifics, but I'm curious to hear from everyone surrounding their thoughts on the interview, the campus and Mac in general! I'll start! This was my first visit to Mac and Hamilton in general. I thought the upper year students were great and did an awesome job selling the school. The interview itself was what I expected. Some of the stations presented questions that were a little more complex than I expe
  4. This post was very helpful, thank you! I'm a current applicant, but for what it's worth my former boss and mentor (MD/Researcher of 30 years) gave me the exact same advice. Go where you have support, you'll be that much more successful.
  5. Explore Hamilton, I'll hopefully get a glimpse of the city and maybe see if I can picture myself living there
  6. Wow! Thank you, this is very helpful too!! I should clarify, that I haven't been accepted to Mac, but if I do have the privilege of being offered a seat I want to make an informed choice. I have lots to consider.
  7. Thank you for this answer. My gut is saying Dal too, I felt totally comfortable with the school and the current students (including yourself lol!) when I was there. I am also a little concerned about the 3 vs 4 years, I'm the type of girl that likes to explore all angles before I make a decision. So the idea of having less time to choose my specialty does concern me.
  8. Hi everyone, This is kind of a spin-off from the Dal vs. Mun thread. For those of you for whom Dal is your first choice this year, or for those of you who chose dal over another school in a previous year, what sold it for you? I would especially love to hear from people who chose dal over mcmaster, but general information on what made dal the best place for you would be great!
  9. I got accepted this year and have absolutely zero athletic ability and I'm definitely not overly musical. I think whoever said that a variety of activities which suggests that you are well-rounded is key. Additionally consistency is important-- volunteering once or twice at a whole bunch of different events doesn't count as much as making a long-term commitment to an endeavor. This is completely second-hand but a friend of mine was not accepted last year and the feedback he was given was that the minimal number of extracurriculars (outside of volunteering) hurt his extra/supp score.
  10. ACCEPTED!! OOP GPA: 4.0/4.0 (most recent 2 years) MCAT: 514 Interview: I honestly felt great about it. It was the first step in the process that I came away from feeling positive (i.e. I wasn't in LOVE with my essay and the MCAT did not feel great at all lol!) I'm a non-traditional applicant. I took the second undergrad gamble and it paid off. I hope this brings some hope to those of you who may need to take the scenic route to your medical dreams. For me, it was SO worth it!
  11. I was feeling super calm, but today my stomach is officially in knots! Really hoping today is the day. My thoughts, positive vibes and warm wishes are with all of you as we wait
  12. I have been surprisingly calm during this whole waiting period. I was way more nervous leading up to the interview. I was accepted into another program (my back-up plan) so I think the idea that at I have at least one career option is helping a bit lol! I will definitely be checking this forum regularly though, I feel like you guys are always the first to know
  13. Great thread! Thanks to all of you who have answered questions thus far. I have heard wonderful things about McMaster from non-med alumnae and I'm really excited to visit the campus for my interview and particularly to get a feel for the school experience from current students. My question is for those of you who were fortunate enough to have a choice between McMaster and another school. Why did you choose McMaster? What sold it for you; i.e. location, the curriculum, the camaraderie, the schedule? Thanks in advance!
  14. I have basically mentally checked out of this second undergrad. I'm just so excited to hopefully start med, that in my head I've already graduated. I need to force myself to check back in by the weekend though lol.
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