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  1. Hi everyone, A friend of mine started started prepping for the MCAT in January, but got in to Dal Med so they won't be writing it and asked me to post it on here. The books are great! Its a full set from the Kaplan Advanced course, so much info and practice it'll make your head spin Asking $200 but open to offers. Can meet up around Dal/SMU.
  2. I pretty much focused on the course, but I also worked part time and did some volunteering. As long as you are good at scheduling your time and sticking with it you should be fine. They know students are busy so princeton review tells you what things you absolutely need to do, and what you can do if you have time (which I loved!). It kind of depends on how many points you need to increase to be competitive. I heard from my mcat teachers that students spend 300+ hours preping for the MCAT so I would budget for at least that.
  3. yup i did the Jeanette Hung workshops at Dal and they were great! Also did some practice with friends/ other interviewees. In a previous year I paid for an $800 interview prep course that was one Saturday and run by two docs from out west. I didn't even get waitlisted that year so I wouldn't say it was worth it.
  4. IP (NS) Accepted! GPA: 3.8/4.0 MCAT: 28 (11-verbal /10-biological /7-physical) BSc Psychology (no honours) MA health related, thesis based ECAs: Lots of volunteer/student society positions over the last 7 years of being at university- some medical/health related, lots of leadership roles and community volunteering. Also did some physician shadowing, medically related volunteering abroad (3x), volunteer and paid research assistantships, teaching assistant, spent a semester abroad. A few awards, scholarships, and conference presentations. Interview: I felt happy with it afterwards,
  5. They give you so many books will all of the content you need to know about the stuff on the MCAT. The classes themselves are a review of the content a bit, but mostly how to approach questions, doing guided practice questions, etc. They really help you can ask the instructor anything that you are having trouble with. There is so much online content that I don't think anyone could ever do it all, but they give you a syllabus that tells you what you should do next.
  6. Yeah I did the Princeton Review course and loved it! My score went up so much. Very knowledgable instructors and so many practice questions available. I liked the in class experience, as you can access the online videos as well as have access to an instructor in person.
  7. Yup! Mine hasn't changed so far... last year people's changed at midnight. So if anyone's changes please post on here! the waiting is driving me crazy!
  8. Last year some people's application changed from 'incomplete items outstanding' to 'decision' made a few days before the letters were sent out. If everyone could keep an eye on that part of the application and post if/when yours changes that would be awesome!
  9. That means they probably go by the elusive z-scores.. which they don't share with us. Darn, I was hoping it would be easier to predict the waitlist movement :/ Anyway congrats to those who have received acceptances Info on z-scores http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/66295-dal-final-score/
  10. To those of you that have been accepted already: which first aid/cpr certification does Dal Med require? I think I read that it is just CPR C with AED, but a friend of mine is saying it needs to be health care provider. Can anyone clarify this (I'm assuming it is either in the acceptance letter or subsequent materials)? Thanks!
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