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  1. Keep in mind that it's the people who get good grades that talk about their marks. It's what contributes to the sometimes toxic atmosphere of the program. Many people struggle in BHSc (some with grades, others for different reasons). I am friends with people who didn't do well in BHSc courses and had to take time off due to mental health, illness, or questioning if the program is for them. The time off did all of them a lot of good. Just know that even though you might feel like you aren't succeeding now, your break will give you time to reflect and think about what you want from life - whet
  2. Hi threeescore, Sorry to hear that you've been struggling. You've clearly had some difficulties recently. I'm a past BHSc graduate and currently in med school. I can understand the pressures of getting into med school especially in a program where a lot of people are very focused on getting in. Stacey and the other BHSc office staff are great, so it's good that you sought them out when you needed to. If you want someone to talk to feel free to private message me here or to talk on Facebook.
  3. I was. Not sure if it helped pre-interview, but it wasn't brought up in my interviews at all.
  4. Probably wasn't smart to tell her that I knew nothing about personal finance and needed advice, ha!
  5. Just the lady who helped me set up my LOC at the bank. Not sure if they're formally my "financial advisor".
  6. I guess a bunch of news outlets were looking for justification of their poor hygiene. The study only really concludes that the quality of research is poor, not that people should stop flossing. When you floss you can clearly see plaque and bits of food, it can't be good for you to leave that in between your teeth.
  7. Is life insurance on the LOC worth it? I was told by my financial advisor that if I were to pass away before my debt was paid off then it would be passed on to my parents to pay off if I didn't have life insurance. However I have a friend tell me that since my parents didn't co-sign they wouldn't be responsible for the debt, and the remaining balance on my LOC would just dissipate. Can anyone confirm which is true?
  8. I'm not sure if OMSAS has changed since last year but there is no field for putting a verifier/description for Formal Education and Other.
  9. How would you go about finding more about autonomy, lifestyle, etc for a speciality? Would it be appropriate to ask a doctor that you are observing these types of questions?
  10. Last year I think it was ~500. If you go over the limit you'll get a notification that you went over the limit when you try to save your app.
  11. People shouldn't respond to this question because it would be a violation of their confidentiality agreements.
  12. You can't have friends/family write letters for you. Student club president is a bad idea, and the teaching assistant is potentially a bad idea (depending on how close they are to you in age). Someone else can comment but I'm not sure if a TA ref letter holds any weight. Ref letters need to be received by OMSAS by Oct 1st. So make sure that your referees send it a couple of weeks in advance.
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