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  1. What is your yearly GPA breakdown for years 3-5? There is no quick fix for an undergraduate GPA below competitive range. You state you do not want to do a second undergrad but unfortunately that is your best path forward if medicine in Canada is your goal. You need to aim for 2 years with full course-load and 3.9+ GPA
  2. Can be done but not an easy task from your position. Aim for a 3.9+ in a second undergrad with a full course load and a good MCAT score. If you can achieve this you will have a fighting chance at some schools. If you can grind it out and manage to get in, be prepared for the grind to continue for many more years. Be sure it is what you truly want. All the best
  3. OP I would think long and hard about pursuing this pathway. Be 100% sure that this is what you actually want and not some idealized view. The pathway in front of you is no simple feat. As someone who took this path and was successful, I can tell you my approach was calculated. I did my research and went all in to the point that I had nothing extra I could've possibly given. Looking at the current state of where CaRMS is going and the sacrifices you will have to make, I caution you to think of the weight and cost of such a journey. Not to discourage but to be realistic. I wish yo
  4. school interviewing at: McMaster specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: Jan 13  date would like to switch to: Jan 19  any additional notes: Really hoping to interview here but can’t physically be there on the 13th. Thank you! Please PM
  5. I received an invite and I'm not a McGill student. Are all UBC invites out for FM?
  6. Hi Friz, It is definitely possible to gain acceptance through the 2nd undergrad route. As someone who took this path, I caution you to be absolutely certain that this is what you want. This path put serious strains on relationships and caused significant stress with my family. Not only that but it is a significant investment in time, energy, and finances. When I undertook this route, I did extensive research on school policies (which can and do change-so make sure you take a path that includes as many schools as possible), I gave it everything I possibly could so as to not regret any
  7. is minus 0.5 only available to dental students?
  8. I don't think trying to study for the MCAT during an exchange is a great idea as it will hamper the benefits of immersing yourself. There are benefits to an exchange but they aren't quantifiable like GPA for example, the benefits come from broadening your horizons, which can help for interviews etc.
  9. If you have already completed the prerequisites and have successfully received credit for them than you do not need to redo them, nor will they be included in the wgpa
  10. In order to be competitive you want to have a 3.8+. 3.0 is the minimum to apply but is not competitive.
  11. Say for example an advisor in a different province will give me the perks I want but hypothetically the one from my local branch won't (I haven't met with them yet), will it cause any problems if I sign with a branch OOP? I'm just wondering if I should just sign with the advisor now since they are giving me everything I want.
  12. is this serious? I thought it wasn't until Friday?
  13. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-friday-edition-1.3157925/mass-murderer-anders-breivik-accepted-to-university-of-oslo-political-science-program-1.3158243
  14. Brb, currently writing letter petitioning your school to let you skip med school. Heck, no need for you to do residency either. Go show those attendings how it's done.
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