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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a current medical student and I had a quick question about anesthesiology. Anesthesiology is one of the specialities that I am strongly interested in. One thing about the field that I was concerned about is that I have been hearing stories about nurses doing anesthesiology jobs and thus making it harder now and in the future for anesthesiologists to get jobs in America. I was wondering if anyone knew if something similar is happening in Canada, or may be likely to happen in the future.
  2. So do you think London students are at a disadvantage when compared to Windsor when doing clerkship and applying for residency? And also, when the match rate was higher for Windsor compared to London, did more people from Windsor apply to less competitive specialties like Family, than in London? And sorry for high jacking your thread HopefulMed2022, a friend asked if I could ask this for her!
  3. Yeah that's what I did. I just put in the phone number for the school!
  4. Oh I just realized that thanks! Pretty disappointing though, the discount is practically useless :/
  5. When I put in my OMA Via Rail discount code, the price doesn't become any cheaper than when I do not use the code. Does anyone know how to use the code to reduce the price of the ticket? Thanks!
  6. That's good to here! Do you know if she was accepted into a dermatology residency by any chance?
  7. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew when we would get an email about our student numbers, and orientation week?
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering how competitive it is to get into a psychiatry residency program in Canada as a CMG. I am interested in this specialty and wanted to see if there was anything I could do to boost my chances to get into a residency program in this specialty. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, I was wondering what sort of research opportunities were available for medical students at UOttawa, and how one would go about obtaining these positions. Also, do most people do research over the summer, or during the school year? Thanks!
  10. I had a quick question about stethoscopes. Do the schools provide them (I'm going to UOttawa), or do we have to purchase them ourselves. If we have to buy them ourselves, I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to purchase one? Thanks!
  11. Can residency programs see whether or not you got honours or not?
  12. I was wondering if Ottawa med was pass fail? Thanks!
  13. Result: Accepted! Time Stamp: May 9th 2017 wGPA: 3.95 CASPER: Prepared extensively for two months. Felt great about the test. ECs: Some research, volunteering, club leadership activities, working with vulnerable populations etc. Interview: Felt my interview went great and that I connected well with the panel. Geography: IP Ended up posting this pretty late, but I'm really glad to have been accepted to UOttawa for medicine, and I look forward to seeing everyone there next year!!
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