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  1. What year was it signed?: 2017 Bank Name: TD Interest Rate: Prime - 0.25% (will stay the same during repayment) Grace Period after Graduation from Residency: 12 months after residency/fellowship Credit Card: TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card (fees waived every year). Additional Perks: Bonus portable bluetooth speaker ($200 value). All-inclusive banking plan (unlimited transactions, free certified cheques and drafts, no TD or network fee for non-TD ATM use anywhere in the world. Fees waived every year) Advisor: Robert Valentini at Fairview Mall, Toronto
  2. Thanks amichel. Do any med students live on res (specifically Crowsnest Hall)? Would love to hear some insight on that.
  3. What's the word on those Boardwalk apartments in University Heights? Any good?
  4. Oh! That's great then although it is very annoying that what you're offered is branch dependent. Looks like I'll be getting back in touch with Scotia to see if this feature is available for me.
  5. The interest rate remains at prime -0.25% during repayment. Something Scotiabank didn't offer me.
  6. I met with Scotiabank today and they said that the interest rate will revert back to prime when I enter repayment (after med school, residency, and 12 month grace period). Other banks have told me that the interest rate will remain at prime minus 0.25% during repayment.
  7. To those going with Scotiabank, why do you need 2 credit cards? Edit: referring to the amex + visa
  8. The package TD offers seems very competitive. I just finished meeting with Robert at the Fairview Mall TD; he's great if anyone is shopping around.
  9. Reeeeejected OOP AGPA: 90.61 MCAT: 511 AQ: 32 NAQ: 40.31 TFR: 72.31 Interview: Below Average This rejection would have devastated me had it not been for Calgary's offer a few days ago wishing all of you the best of luck! It's been an honor, UBC!
  10. What an emotional, amazing day! At long last! My life just flipped upside down, and there is so much to plan in so little time! AHHHH! Result: ACCEPTED!!!!! Geography: OOP Year: Graduated BSc 2015 GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 511 (128 CARS) ECs: Very long term and diverse; showcased all the important things/accomplishments in my life. Intentionally leaving this vague; just do what you love and carefully select your top 10. Interview: I forgot my water bottle, and so thought I would be doomed. The people in my circuit seemed exceptional to boot, making me not very confident going in. Looki
  11. Regrets OOP GPA: 3.97 PA: 11/17 MCAT: 127.75 Interview: Pass Welp..
  12. Spoke with the office today. Decisions are to be released in early May as stated in the applicant manual.
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