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  1. DAT destroyer is completely useless for cdat in my opinion but it's a popular recommendation among people in this forum so ymmv. Kaplan's book sucks, Crack the dat sucks, IQ publications suck. You can get a good score with mostly free resources.
  2. I was in the same situation as you last year (20th~ percentile for MMI, only applied to one school). This school year I started prepping from october, applied to 3 schools (manitoba/bc/alberta) and got accepted to 2/3 of them. I don't think preparing a lot is bad especially if you don't think you have a natural proclivity for them! By the final two months I was doing around 5 questions a day, reviewing my answers afterwards, and meeting up with 2-3 people a week in addition to that.
  3. Do you mean if they count A as 4.0 or as 3.9? They do the the former if that's what you're asking. But yeah if you email chris she'll tell you (or call her!)
  4. ya it's definitely a preference! I find that I remember information much better by writing it down instead of typing so every time I get a new laptop I have to make sure I can use a pen with it
  5. The simple fact that the macbook doesn't have stylus input (wacom/ntrig) is the dealbreaker.
  6. Is that after your grace period? I believe scotiabank counts residency as part of your studies so the prime - 0.25% rate continues until your grace period ends.
  7. I got a yoga 720, to offer another choice. IMO it's currently superior to the surface book in essentially every way.
  8. RBC recently did a change to their LOC program so they now offer a longer grace period (2 years), CC fees are waived for 4 years, and the biggest difference I see is that my RBC advisor told me after the grace period ends their interest rate currently remains at prime -0.25% white scotiabank told me their interest rate changes to prime. Can anyone confirm/deny?
  9. I'm having a very difficult time choosing between these two banks for my LOC. They essentially offer the same deal so I'm not sure what to look for to make a decision. Can anyone who faced this problem talk about how they came to a decision?
  10. Can you confirm that Scotia offered you prime - 0.25 that stays the same during repayment? I know that the prime 0.25 stays the same during grace period, but after the grace period is over my advisor told me that it gets changed to prime.
  11. I think reading the DMD FAQ for ubc would help you greatly since I assume you'd want to get into UBC. UBC is extremely good for IP applicants since if you get an interview it's basically a 50% chance to get in (i.e. you just need to be above the 50th percentile). http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/dmd/dmd-faq/
  12. OOP aGPA 4.4 DAT: 25.75 Accepted. Will be declining my spot in favour of U of A. Good luck guys!
  13. thanks guys, unfortunately I don't live in edmonton (calgary). Should I just go to my family doctor then? Or equivalent at u of c?
  14. accepted! Does anyone know how to complete the immunizations required? I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten a single shot in like... 15 years. Do I just go to my family doctor? I'm actually so confused about this part
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