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  1. This is true:P However, I'm doing my second degree in nursing right now and actually loving it so much. I think, for me at least, being an NP makes more sense anyways:) I feel horrible for people that have taken on second degrees specifically to gain entry into Nosm; it's such a big sacrifice of time and money. (I know because getting into nosm was my MAIN reason for starting my bsn). But for me I was lucky enough to find a career I love in my second degree, so this decision feels more like closure? I can help people and have an amazing career and make a comfortable living as an NP. To
  2. Well it's finally official, I'm going to be a Nurse Practitioner when I grow up:P (Doing my second degree, and this was the last school I ever had a chance of getting into in Canada). Maybe it's a good sign that med school is not right for me:P
  3. I was sort of joking? But honestly referring to women as "catty" and "gossipy" actually is pretty sexist sooooooooo
  4. This is really sad. I think this is one of the reasons I'm strongly considering becoming a nurse practitioner and just not even applying to med. So many of us do two degrees, second undergrads, masters degrees, apply 2, 3, 4 etc. times, and really just work our asses off trying to be the very best and impress all the people so that we may one day get that med school acceptance that we put on such a pedestal. But that's not it, that's just the beginning of another decade of working our asses off, sacrificing so much, and constant stress and probably giant debt. It sounds exhausting. And at th
  5. I'm currently in a nursing program and I would say about a quarter to a third of my program is men. It's a great career with good pay and I think people have stopped caring so much about the gender thing. I see a lot of nurses that are men working in the ER. Women have been working in male dominated fields forever and do very well. Drop the sexist attitude of women's behavior and you'll be fine:P
  6. Okay thanks. That's a good point. I am doing clinicals however, and I'm in a compressed program so I'll be done right away and am trying to figure out if I should fit in the prereqs for the PA programs or not. So that's why I'm asking early.
  7. Okay, I realize this topic has its own board, but that board gets like no traffic at all. So I am a year into my second degree (nursing) and have come to realize that Med school just isn't going to happen for me. I'm not upset, or giving up, I just don't see myself doing that much more school or caring about it enough to survive it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I would definitely still like to be a health care provider though, and am enjoying my nursing classes (well most of them anyways:P). I am interested in applying to the PA or NP programs at UofT after I work for a couple years as an RN and get the requi
  8. It makes sense to me. Similar to a B.Ed, where it takes two years to complete, but its a professional bachelors, and requires a completed undergrad to enter into.
  9. I like it? I feel like they are very educated people with a pretty large scope of practice to be called "assistants".
  10. Hello, I am considering a career as a Nurse Practitioner and would like to hear from any and all NP's about their experience: Why did you choose to be an NP? Did you also apply to medical school? Are you happy with your career? Also, anything else you would like to add:) It seems like an amazing career:)
  11. Haven't taken it yet; i'll be taking it next summer. I'm just trying to plan ahead for what prereqs I will need to take.
  12. I'm starting a second degree and worried about my prospects at Canadian schools. I'll only be able to apply to a few because of my low first degree GPA. I wanted to start looking at US schools so I can see what their requirements are so I can plan to apply broadly in a couple years. What US schools would you guys say are the most GPA-lenient? I'm hoping to have an overall GPA of 3.5ish but unfotrunately its probably not going to get much better than that:\ With a REALLY strong upward trend though...... Any opinions? (Also open to the idea of applying to DO schools)
  13. Ahhhh! Thank you everyone for the support! This thread made me smile a whole bunch:) This is priceless, I think i'm going to watch this every morning when I wake up. you are excellent
  14. I'm starting my second undergrad in a month and I am so excited but also just a giant ball of stress. The idea of taking on more student debt, knowing I already have one is a lot of pressure:\ The idea of going to university for undergrad studies for 7 years if I don't get into med school seems ridiculous. There's only a handful of schools that will even consider me at this point even if I ace my second degree. One of my best friends is getting married and another is having her first baby soon and I'm going into my first year of uni again. anyone else doing their second undergrad
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