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  1. Hi all, I'm two-thirds of the way through my first year of medical school and my only extra-curricular involvement is as an exec member of an interest group for the primary care specialty I'm thinking of pursuing. I've spent the rest of my time getting a good handle on academics and self-care to keep sane. I have already searched this question on the forums and the consensus seems to be "ECs generally do not matter much for residency applications". While they don't matter much, wouldn't it still be a bit of a red flag if one does not have ANY ECs? I just have a hard time thinki
  2. Guys, quick question: I go to York and they use a 3-credit (semester course) and 6-credit (full-year course) system. However, in science, some courses are 4-credits (semester course with lab), 8-credits (full year course with lab), and even one course is 2-credits (pre-thesis course). Basically, for my third year I have 31 credits at York (a few 4-credit courses as well as the 2-credit one) which is more than a full courseload (30 credits), BUT omsas counted the 2-credit course as "0.5" and only counted the 4-credit courses as "1.0" just like the other semester long courses . . . so appa
  3. How many sentences did you guys put for each question?
  4. Hi all, I rewrote the MCAT this summer and managed to boost my previously terrible CARS score (which will not be named lol) to a 127. Please, no sugarcoating, what are my chances in Ontario? My Stats: -4th year applicant (this cycle) -cGPA: ~3.99 (took a full course-load every year) -MCAT rewrite: 130/127/131/130 (518 overall) -ECs: I know this depends a lot on how you word the entries, but I have been actively seeking out feedback for the past 6 months since last cycle's rejections. Most feedback has been positive (I think my sub-125 CARS from last cycle was the main factor ho
  5. The hero Premed101 needs, but not the one it deserves ... a watchful protector ... a true legend
  6. I totally agree with both of you. It will probably be best for me to be a little less conservative next time and really try to sell myself! Also, that's a great point that adcoms may accidentally miss a minor detail like that, so it would be a much better idea to be very clear that I won it twice. It's the little things, eh?
  7. Thank you both for your responses! I will definitely include them as 3 separate entries. Looks like I totally shortchanged myself this cycle, ha. Live and learn!
  8. Hi all, I have searched for this topic and have come across many threads involving similar questions to mine, although everyone's situation seemed a bit different. So I'm making yet another thread In my case, I will have 2 NSERC USRA awards to include on my ABS for the upcoming application cycle. I have presented posters based on the research conducted during the NSERC placements. I don't want to seem like I am padding, but could I do the following? -(x2) Employment entries - talk about the actual research, skills acquired, etc. Separate entries because it was a different e
  9. Thanks everyone! Great - sounds like the conversion will work in my favour!
  10. I think you guys are saying two different things lol. Okay, what about this: If someone from York had 9 A+ and 1 A, what would their GPA be as an OOP McGill applicant? A. 3.98 (using OMSAS, an A is a 3.8 and A+ is 4.0) or B. 4.00 (the A would be the same as the A+ for McGill) I think the answer to that will settle things!
  11. Thanks for your reply, Distancea. I did some more digging, and came across this thread: There are several people there saying A = A+ = 4.0. Now I'm confused
  12. Hi all, I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. I go to York and the grade system it uses is: 90%+ --> A+ 80-89.9% --> A As you can see, there is no A-. Our transcripts only show these letter grades (and not percentages). My question: would both A and A+ count as a 4.0 for McGill? Or is there something I'm missing here? Thank you!
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