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  1. Hello! I registered for the MCAT a week ago without going through it with my manager. I HAD to go with this particular date as it was the only one available around the time I'd be done reviewing, in all of Canada. I can't write in the U.S. as I work and would have to quarantine after returning to Canada. Anyways, my manager declined me as someone else took the day off. I guess that was fair so I asked if I could get the day off if I got the new casual staff to work that day, to which I was still declined... manager said we are technically understaffed so getting the casual to work that
  2. Hi there! I'm starting my first OT practicum next week and I wondering if it would be okay for me to wear twill joggers once in awhile. I only have 2 pairs of dresspants and I'm too student life (a.k.a. broke) to buy more. Also, the only explicit rule that I saw in terms of dresscode for my placement was "no jeans". I have the joggers in black and navy, and so at a first glance, they kind of look like dress pants?? I'm just worried that if someone notices, they might give off some kind of youngster vibe, but then again, I'll be working with kids and adolescents... So what do you think? Y
  3. that's exactly what i was thinking. i could present myself better in clothes that i feel more comfortable in, so i'm ditching the jacket. haha thanks
  4. thanks, great to know i was going to wear a suit because that's all i could find on other forums, but i think i'd be more comfortable minus the jacket and what about colour? is colour okay?
  5. what is the standard for ot/pt interviews? what did you/plan to wear? if you had an interview already, what were most people wearing? thanks
  6. Is your GPA out of 4? If so, that's really good!! I'm sure you've been getting interview invites at least? Just practice, practice, practice. I'm confident that you'll crack the code eventually, so don't give up! Btw, 24 or 25 is not old at all.
  7. i got one at 8:44 am but i didn't see it until later today so only the 9 am and 3 pm slots were available, and i went with the 3 pm one. do you think time slot makes a difference? do interviewers get tired by the end or something like that? :/
  8. Applied: OT @ UManitoba Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: cumGPA: 4.008/4.5 (3.683 OPPAS) subGPA: 4.075/4.5 (3.730 ORPAS) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: around subpar to average good luck every one!
  9. Hi everyone! I am a Manitoban student that is hoping to get into a MOT program next year. Here's some questions that I would appreciate answers for: 1) Does McMaster accept 3 year degrees? Their website says they require a 4 year, but a pinned thread here says they accept 3/4 year degrees. 2) Does McGill accept 3 year degrees? Their website and a pinned thread doesn't specify and just says "undergrad degree" required. 3) Is it okay if my hospital volunteerism isn't directly related to rehabilitation? I'm doing special events and recreation atm, and I've done friendly visiting and emergency
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