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  1. My apologies, I was not trying to imply that you were painting anything in a negative light or what to do. It was more of a run on from the earlier posts. Also had no idea about that word, thanks for informing me, good to know and I will adjust my post.
  2. Section F. Calculation of Interest We calculate interest on your debt daily but we only add it to your debt once a month on each statement. We calculate the amount of daily interest by adding any new advances and subtracting any payments then multiplying the unpaid balance of the debt which interest is payable by the annual interest rate then dividing by 365/366 in a leap year. Interest is charged on a leap day in a leap year. Interest is charged at the rate applicable to the account both before and after the final payment date, maturity, default and judgment, until the account has been p
  3. I agree with your perspective on the loans. However, when it comes to paying off the interest I think it depends on an individual's situation and personal comfort level. With a previous background and career in finance, I think it's perfectly reasonable to use your LOC for all your medical school expenses. I don't want to debate what to invest in or the volatility of the current market, but I hope we can agree that the from a purely finance perspective, the best practice for excess cash on hand (not talking about emergency/comfort level funds) is to invest it, as the returns should/would/
  4. Just withdrew my waitlist position as an Ontario applicant. I have a pretty high score, best of luck!
  5. Result: Acceptance Timestamp: never got one, only saw the PDF in launchpad on May 5. Geography: OOP GPA: 3.8x? (launchpad no longer tells you) MCAT: 129/128/129/130 Degree: Masters (2018) ECs: Varsity athlete, years of working in Residence, student government, national recognized awards related to my masters/other career, and other really unique ECs. Interview: It was a complete disaster, it was the hardest interview out of the 6 I did this year. After it was done I thought I had zero chance considering my low GPA and OOP status. Goes to show, you are a poor
  6. Result: Accepted (KW first choice) Timestamp: 8:39 cGPA: 3.68 CARS: 128 CASPer: must have went well, got invited to Mun (OOP), Dal (OOP), Queen's, Mac, and Alberta (OOP). MMI interview thoughts: My Masters and subsequent career in that field provided a strong foundation to answer the MMI questions. I felt that my answers were very strong and had a great feeling afterwards. Year: Completed Masters (2018) Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: Yep, did not win the lottery. The wait was awful. I am writing this for fellow lower GPA applic
  7. OOP (Ontario) Waitlisted Timestamp: 9:57am EST 87% GPA, 516 MCAT ECs: Long-term, diverse, lots of employment/awards in the social housing sector. Interview: Had COVID during the interview, couldn't stop coughing. Held it together for the MMI, but just physically unwell for the longer panel portion. Will be declining my waitlist position as I was accepted to UofA. @PopShoppeI think there will be a ton of movement this year, good luck ;)
  8. That list includes the NB applicants. I called in last year and they said anywhere between 35-50 invited for the OOP (non-atlantic) 6 spots. Invited ~220pm. Good luck!
  9. Hi, I am an OOP applicant. I got my MCAT and Transcript verified some time this week. Just now I see steps 3a and 3b... anyone else?
  10. Rejected, really surprised because I thought the interview went very well...
  11. Last name is in first half of alphabet, email stamp 8:16.
  12. I just got it too. So relieved that I didn't get the flat out reject. I think it'll move quite a bit, we still have a chance!
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