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  1. Any recommendations on specific rural programs (especially if considering EM)? I know an above post said to look for places where staff does emerg shifts, but do any have better reputations than others? I’ve heard good things about UBC, Calgary, Manitoba, NOSM, and MUN’s rural FM programs
  2. Excellent, that’s the kind of answer I was hoping for. Would prefer to take a variety of electives to fill in knowledge gaps rather than being strategic about matching (either for family or potential +1 EM down the road). Thanks!
  3. Would like to match to a rural family med program, then do a +1 EM year. Currently in 3rd year and at my school we don’t start electives till 4th year (rural family with some specialty exposure for all of 3rd year). Just wondering what electives I should look into for the best learning opportunities? I’ve heard anesthesia, emerg and ICU (as a resident) would be good for this. Anything else? Will family elective(s) be needed to be done to have a competitive application broadly (not picky about location)?
  4. 1. I’m pretty sure NOSM looks at a cumulative GPA (OMSAS and/or the NOSM website would be the official source for this info though) 2. I know there is a tick box (and extra essay question) on the application to apply as a Francophone applicant. However, I am not sure if this is a separate stream, or if it just gives you an advantage (I would guess the latter though - I don’t recall any reserved seats for Francophone or Indigenous applicants). Again - check OMSAS and the NOSM website for the officials policies.
  5. Can’t bypass orgo with a gen chem/biochem combo anymore? That’s a bummer. Orgo is not fun and has not been helpful to me once in the first 2 years of medical school (I’m assuming it will be even less helpful in clerkship and the beyond). Biochem was somewhat helpful at least, but by no means necessary. Good luck, friend
  6. 1/3 of your pre-interview score is “context” - basically, where you grew up. This score gets higher the more Northern Ontario-y and rurally the communities are that you spent time in growing up. NOSM wants docs in Northern Ontario, and the most current research tells them that recruiting from Northern Ontario helps achieve this goal the best. That being said, there are people each year from out of province and/or larger communities just like there are small numbers of people on the tail ends of any bell curve. Good luck!
  7. Hard to say without looking at the application, but likely ANY community. Unless they specify an Indigenous community, assume it means any community.
  8. My class has a few students from rural BC, Nova Scotia, and the Yukon. Can’t hurt to apply! Check the admission stats (class profiles) on the NOSM website. There are always a few successful applicants from “rural/remote areas from the rest of Canada”.
  9. Are you sure of those costs? I was under the impression that student memberships for CMA would be free starting in 2019. I believe it was in an email that came out around the same time as the announcement of the sale of MD Financial Management to Scotiabank.
  10. Sorry to hear about your tough first year, throwawayacct. I see that a few people have posted some words of encouragement, which is nice to see. If it helps at all, somebody that I know very well failed an entire year and still matched to a competitive specialty in Canada. I agree with some of the other posters that it would be probably wise to take some time off for your mental health this summer (if possible) and come back in the fall ready to go. Things like this can often build strong character that can be very helpful on things like interviews later on
  11. Thanks for your input, The Bunny! It’s very helpful to hear from a real CCFP-EM doc :)
  12. 2 questions, 1) Tried opening up the blog link at the beginning of this thread. Safari tells me the server no longer exists. Anyone know if this page is still floating around somewhere? 2) I hear a lot of talk both in the real-world and PM101 forums about larger centres not hiring CCFP-EM docs in their EDs. Anyone know if there are any OFFICIAL resources on this? Or is it something passed on through word-of-mouth or even hospital specific policy? Thanks in advance for any answers
  13. Northwestern Ontario is doing a decent job with EMR. All inpatient services within the Northwest LHIN (local health integrated network) are connected via Meditech (not the archaic Hamilton Health Sciences version though). Some outpatient services are connected too, but many family docs still need to rely on faxed discharge reports from hospitals for their patients. I haven’t worked or studied in the Northeast, so I can’t comment on their system, but I assume it’s similar.
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