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  1. As LostLamb mentioned, these are sign up bonuses so if you had any of these existing accounts they would not qualify.
  2. Just a heads up to you all, there are more bonus perks now more than ever before to open a new banking package with Scotiabank. These are the current offers available to new clients: - $300 cash bonus for opening up a new Preferred Package - up to 45,000 bonus Scotia Rewards points ($450 worth) on a new Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card - up to 30,000 bonus Scotia Rewards points ($300 worth) Scotiabank Gold American Express - MD Financial is also offering a $500 cash incentive for their clients who open a new SPSP line of credit between October 7 - December 31.
  3. From my experience they usually are more expensive, but I've heard from some people that they've found cheaper prices on flights there than online/with the airline as well. It doesn't hurt to check whenever you're looking to book anything just to compare. Point values are the same regardless of who you book with.
  4. Just keep in mind that it will usually take up to a week or two after you sign papers for the actual credit cards to arrive in the mail. You'll have to wait until you receive them in order to use them. Timeline would go as follows: apply > approval > sign papers > wait for cards to arrive in mail. Let them know that you'd like them sooner than later to make some big purchases.
  5. With Scotiabank when you say "convert" it doesn't mean you have to apply for it or anything, it's just a formality you have to go in to sign a couple of papers for. You get to keep the same limit and everything, you just have to give a couple of signatures to convert it from a student LOC to a personal or business LOC. There's no application, credit check, or anything like that. Your family friend either did that a while ago when no banks were doing this, or he missed the cutoff (1 year/2 years after finishing, depending on how long ago he went in to do it).
  6. To add to the confusion, expect every month (billing cycle) to be a different amount of days. A number of factors play a role in that, including weekends and holidays. Your "bill date" is usually set to a specific business day of the month, and the actual date will vary month to month. For instance if your bill date is the first business day of the month, it will likely be on the 1st of the month most months, but it can also be on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of the month due to weekends and holidays as banks are not open and bill are not generated on those days. So you could technically have a month
  7. You are mistaken that it's compounded daily. It is calculated daily, and added to the balance at the end of each month. Therefore it is compounded monthly.
  8. The deadline is July 31, 2019 so it has not yet passed. Here are the details on that promotion:
  9. I copied and pasted the details from the links in my last post. They are bolded and highlighted in red.
  10. From the first link, if you sign up for the Scotia Professional Plan (for your corporate business account): And if you choose not to sign up on the Scotia Professional Plan you would only get the chequing account with the ongoing fee waiver: As far as the conversion of the LOC goes, you can convert it to ta personal LOC with the same Prime -0.25% rate:
  11. FYI Scotiabank does keep the fees waived on credit cards and chequing accounts after residency. They have a new dedicated Healthcare+ page for physicians, students, residents etc. which outlines everything available to you in each stage. The student/resident page is up to date with all the offers, details etc. the student professional plan comes with. I think this was long overdue to have everything so readily available online for everyone to see.
  12. The American Express bonus point offer that is out right now does not apply to cards that have the annual fees waived under specialty programs like this, so unfortunately cards set up under the Scotia Professional Student Plan do not come with that offer. The only card that has the bonus point offer under the plan is the Passport Visa Infinite. If people are getting the Gold American Express with the bonus point offer they will be charged the annual fee after the first year. In regards to your last point you should get consistent information if your speak to an advisor on this list
  13. It would go to Prime before changes were made today, and I don't see any changes to that mentioned so I assume that remains.
  14. We don't have any information on anything like that right now, unless maybe @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor knows something I don't.
  15. This acquisition is not complete as of yet so I wouldn't expect any changes until everything is approved/completed. It will likely be another couple of months until that is all said and done.
  16. You have the option to keep it as a student LOC and still have access to it for 24 months after finishing residency/fellowships, or you can convert it to a professional LOC within 12 months of finishing residency/fellowship and have access to it indefinitely.
  17. This is a sign that you are dealing with someone who does not have enough experience with the SPSP program. Ideally you'd want to deal with someone on this list. If you deal with a random advisor/branch chances are that they won't be up to date or familiar with a lot of the changes, unless you luck out and find someone like myself who isn't on the list but still keeps up to date with these things. Chances aren't good though I have to say.
  18. You can not - you'd have to get the LOC as part of the package, but that doesn't mean you'd have to use it. You can just have it set up and sit there without ever withdrawing from it if you dont need it.
  19. I can't see that arrangement lasting once the purchase is finalized.
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