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  1. Hi I am a new grad working in Canada. I wanted to get some opinions on incorporating as a fresh graduate. With the changes in law with income splitting and the associated cost with incorporating I was wondering if incorporation is worth it if I can make 18-20k / month thanks!
  2. for 1 year general residency which school doesnt require the board? does anyone know the answer? is it just uconn and rochester?
  3. with scotia and RBC is the interest rate guaranteed to stay at prime (3%)? I am trying to get it at TD and they are saying its prime now but it could change
  4. Hi. I am wondering what documents you guys needed to get your LOC approved. Were letter of acceptance and a good credit score suffice? my bank is asking for personal notice of assessment from previous years but I don want to share unnecessary personal info with the bank if I dont have to. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hi guys. when you guys got your LOC approved was your letter of acceptance and a good credit score all you needed? my bank is asking for my Personal Notice of Assessments. is this normal? I dont want to unnecessarily share my private information with the bank if I dont have to. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys. I was wondering if you guys could give me some info on getting a LOC. I have an account with TD but friends in previous years have gotten their LOC mostly with RBC. When talking to a LOC specialist what are some things should I be asking for? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys. Thank you for sharing the information. McGill sounds really good. I guess im moving to montreal! DidierDrogba ill see you in september
  8. Vanessad when i got the call i was told that the minerva status for accepted students wont change until next week
  9. when i got the call it was also a blocked number around 10:30 vancouver
  10. Hi. I was wondering which school has a better dentistry program? They seem pretty similar in terms of class size and tuition. Could those in the programs give me any information? Thanks!
  11. do u guys think the results will be announced last week of march like last yr? does anyone know?
  12. ya thats pretty odd. ur marks prob much better than mine
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