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  1. Just withdrew from Mac in favour of UofA. Hope this brings good news for one of you!
  2. Update: waitlist offers went out at 8:55 am this morning.
  3. Congratulations! This made me incredibly happy to hear
  4. Can anyone confirm the $ value of the deposit and typically how long we get to send it?
  5. The only thing I would start doing at this point would be thinking of potential references for applications and contacting them to judge interest. I had a couple of good references in mind but somehow both of them were on leave when I contacted them in the fall! Stressed me out quite a bit.
  6. This. I think the afmc stats suggested anywhere from 50-70 accepted off waitlist at the UofA over the previous years.
  7. Does anyone know till when the UofA waitlist actually moves? (June, July, Aug?) Also, within what week/month is the movement the greatest?
  8. Result: Waitlisted GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 513 ECs: diverse? lots of coaching and tutoring Year: Graduated UG 2015 Geography: IP Interview: Half felt quite good, the other half were decent. EDIT: Accepted off waitlist 8:55 AM June 1st, 2016! Extremely thankful and excited to begin my journey. Best of luck to all
  9. Accepted (1st choice Hamilton) CGPA: 3.87 CARS: 127 Casper: Was brutally honest throughout and I guess they liked it! Interview: 1 went poorly, 2 were decent, and the rest felt great. Extremely thankful.
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