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  1. Looking to rent a place with some fellow OT students DM me! Also anyone find a Facebook group yet ?
  2. Hey Guys, Any Idea if there is a Facebook group made for OT ? Im looking for roommates also !
  3. I got Accepted to U of T and Western But Im not sure which one to choose. London seems like a nicer place to live ?
  4. I got accepted to both but leaning towards Western because its a smaller city plus the program has Intensives (id love Hand Therapy/Upper Extremity). Can anyone give me some insight/help on choosing
  5. Hey guys I'm stuck on one question for my NOSM application. How have your academic, work and life experiences prepared you for being a student at Northern Ontario School of Medicine and for studying and working in rural, remote and/or northern urban communities? I have a second language (Russian) and I have done lots of volunteering mostly local(mostly cancer related) but also abroad (Peru medical placement). I have research experience also. I don't know how to answer this question, can you guys please help me brain storm? I really appreciate it! thank you
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