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  1. Hi guys, I really need either of the two proposed switches below, and I am happy to pay a respectable amount for the switch (honestly it would save me a lot more). School interviewing at: McMaster Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: Jan 25 Date would like to switch to: Jan 19 School interviewing at: UBC Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: Jan 25 Date would like to switch to: Feb 1
  2. Hey guys, how far in advance should we cancel interviews to avoid repercussions, and what are these potential repercussions? Is one week in advance enough time? I'm trying to find someone to exchange interview times with right now but if it doesn't work out, I'd like to leave enough time to cancel without raising any professionalism issues.
  3. School interviewing at: McMaster Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: Jan 25 morning Date would like to switch to: Jan 19 Willing to offer $$$ for the switch. Please help as my flights are already booked.
  4. For UofA psych, has anyone gotten the email to schedule interviews yet?
  5. Regarding the dedicated block time for MEDD 419 in year 1 from May to June, are there still regularly scheduled classes or small group meetings and where do they take place? What is the official end date for MEDD 419? Thanks!
  6. Result: Accepted GPA: 86 MCAT: 34 ECs: (in order of most time spent to least) first aid, research, various local non-profits Year: UG Completed Geography: IP
  7. Assuming I go down this route and start my PGY1 on a OPT-F1, does that mean I have a better chance at getting a J1 since I can request a Statement of Need at a much earlier date than M4s applying in that same year?
  8. Congratulations on having matched into a top residency program! I really enjoyed your post on matching NRMP and it gave me a lot of insight on what I have to do a couple years down the road. I've been accepted by BUSM so far and I really want to ensure that I can match into a decent residency if I do go to BUSM. Fyi, I am not set on any particular specialty yet, but I want to put myself in a good position so I will have options when it comes time to match. With the recent limitations set by Health Canada on Statement of Needs, I'm actually quite concerned about obtaining a J1. So I'm
  9. How important are interest/update letters? A bit about me: LizzyM 72, 16 US MD applied, 2 interviews, 7 pre-II rejections, rest are silences or holds I read stories on SDN of miracle II or acceptances because someone took the time to write a letter. For me, I have sent one update letter to all the schools so far but it hasn't yielded anything fruitful
  10. I think it's important to go with a structure you're comfortable with. I used a similar structure to yours when I started practicing, but I later discovered a few other ways to approach it, and I think it's important to find the way that feels natural for each scenario. For instance, sometimes I would open right away with my first impression of the scenario and my arguments for it, and follow this up by stating that I can also see some of the alternative perspectives. For some scenarios, I still open with a brief discussion of the conflict and underlying principles at hand, and follow up with
  11. Hey there, I grew up around Vancouver, here's my take on Victoria vs Kelowna Kelowna: a number of spots reserved for rural applicants, more rural communities, cheaper cost of living, less diverse, continental climate, gets the most sunshine, skiing/boarding, rock climbing, plenty of wineries Victoria: more city feel, slightly more expensive, more culinary options, milder year-round climate, rains more, lots of good hiking trails and camping sites, touristy locale Hope that helps!
  12. Hi, for anyone who had to submit Proof of Citizenship via the Online Portal, did any of you get the received status? I uploaded a scanned copy of my passport into the Documents Tab back in December, and my status still shows Not Received
  13. You would think in a pool of over 2000 applicants (a good number of them being re-applicants), there wouldn't be that much variability in ECs from year to year...
  14. Anyone else still waiting for confirmation of receipt of the BC Services Card on the application status page?
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